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2019 Emerging Engineers Expo Showcases Ideation and Application from the First to Senior Years

Published: July 15, 2019 | Categories: All News, Business, Engineering

The annual Emerging Engineers Expo bookends the undergraduate student experience at Western New England University, showcasing 49 SMART products developed by first year students, and 104 Senior Design Projects that embody the culmination of each students' evolution to a career-ready professional. Held on May 2, the event welcomed industrial sponsors, representatives from area colleges, faculty and staff, students, and proud families to the Alumni Healthful Living Center. The Expo was cosponsored by Hampden Engineering Corporation (a longtime supporter of the College of Engineering) and the College of Engineering.

With products ranging from a bracelet that alerts the wearer of exposure to dangerous noise levels to the Smart Leg, a device that helps patients get an accurate home fit on a leg immobilizer brace, the first year projects showcased the students' growth over their first two immersive learning semesters. Several projects were joint efforts of Engineering and Business Honors students.

The engineering seniors in Biomedical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Computer, Industrial, and Mechanical engineering programs presented a wide range of capstone design project, mostly sponsored by industry. Projects were judged by the industry and awards were given at the Senior Appreciation night.