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Time is Running Out to Register for 2019 Summer Pre-College Programs

Published: July 22, 2019 | Categories: Arts and Sciences, All News, Law, Engineering

Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in registering for Western New England University's 2019 Pre-college programs are advised to act quickly as programs are filling and registration will soon be coming to a close. Programs will take place in August. Registration will be ongoing until August 1 or classes are full.

Session 1 runs Monday, August 6 through Friday, August 9, with a few remaining seats left in CSI: Western New England. Students aspiring to become a real-life Crime Scene Investigator will want to register for CSI: Western New England. The program puts students at the scene of a mock crime, where they learn to conduct a thorough investigation and collect and analyze evidence to identify a perpetrator. Not only will students have the opportunity to view a criminal investigation through the eyes of a forensic scientist, but they will actually get to investigate their own crime scene through the four areas of forensics-trace evidence; serology and patterned evidence; ballistics; and biometrics.

Session 2 runs Monday, August 12 through Friday, August 16 with seats remaining in both Trial Skills and Introduction to STEM and Robotics.

Students interested a career in Law will benefit from Trial Skills. This program is the perfect place to have "your first day in court." After learning how to prepare a case for trial and how to deliver an opening statement, closing argument, and direct and cross examinations, students will be divided into teams of prosecutors and defense attorneys. They will present the case to a jury in an exciting mock trial in a model courtroom at the end the course.

This course pairs very well with CSI: Western New England, bringing the forensics skills and evidence obtained in CSI into the courtroom.

Session 2 Introduction to STEM and Robotics also has a limited number of openings available. Students interested in the idea of engineering and working with your hands to build an innovative prototype will be in the right place putting their innovative mind and technical know-how to the test. Based on the 'hackerspace" concept (which challenges students to build something useful from various components that are provided) this workshop is project-based and hands-on. Students will learn how to build electronic circuits using various sensors and actuators, interface them to a microcontroller and program the microcontroller to perform specific tasks, and finally to design their own project.

Registration is taking place online at or by contacting Judy Curran at Check the website for details.