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College of Engineering Alumni Among BattleBots Fan Faves

Published: November 11, 2019 | Categories: Alumni, All News, Engineering
Drawing of the BattleBot.

TEAM HUGE is "a slightly bigger deal" on BattleBots®, as its tagline claims. Led by College of Engineering alumnus Jonathan Schultz '16, builder and team leader of TEAM HUGE, and including fellow alum Peter Lombardo '16, the team has racked up 64% in career wins and is quickly becoming a Bot fan favorite in the Discovery and Science Channel program. Airing in 150 countries, BattleBots is the world's largest, and only professional, robot-fighting TV series. 

The Connecticut-based team has competed in 11 matches in the program since 2018 with 7 wins. It is the winner of the competition's 2018 Best Design Award (voted by peers). 

So what prepared these two WNE alums for the big time in the world's most-watched combat arena? 

"The greatest skill we have is the ability to take it slow, break it down, and think critically about every design feature on HUGE," says Jonathan. "We wouldn't have been able to go from rookies to contenders so quickly without seeing and exploiting common weaknesses in our opponents. Without having learned at WNE how to teach ourselves new skills, think critically, and learn from those around us, we never would have been prepared for the challenges of the BattleBox!"

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