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Dr. Chang Hoon Lee and Dr. Moochul Shin Awarded NSF Grant for Civil Engineering Research

Published: May 01, 2020 | Categories: Engineering, Faculty

Dr. Chang Hoon Lee and Dr. Moochul Shin of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, were awarded a $83,708 grant from the National Science Foundation for research they are pursuing in collaboration with Florida International University. Titled “Collaborative Research: A New Theory of 3D Particle Characterization,” Professors Lee and Shin are working to characterize the effects of shapes of granular materials on civil engineering materials by using 3D scanning and printings.

Granular materials such as soils, rocks, and gravels are prevalent in nature and broadly used as engineering materials for civil infrastructure such as dams, roads, and railways. The application of 3D particle geometry is a key piece of information to fundamentally understand the granular material behavior subjected to static and dynamic loadings. Better understanding 3D particle geometry will help civil engineers design civil infrastructure that can withstand earthquakes and other natural hazards.

In addition, this project will develop educational modules for undergraduate classes in geotechnical and materials engineering by closely integrating them with the research activities and by using recent advances in 3D printing and scanning technologies. This educational effort will provide a new model for successfully integrating knowledge discovery, teaching, and learning in the area of granular materials.