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Outstanding Graduating Seniors in Engineering Receive Recognition Awards and Are Inducted into Order of the Engineer

Published: September 01, 2020 | Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Sleith Hall at WNE Campus

On May 15, graduating seniors in the College of Engineering were inducted into the Order of the Engineer, and outstanding students in each department received awards for their academic accomplishments.

The event, which took place virtually, began with congratulatory remarks from Dean S. Hossein Cheraghi and Assistant Dean Richard Grabiec. Student members of the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi, the College of Engineering Honors Program, and Global Scholars were recognized for their scholastic efforts and contributions for the campus community.

Led by Assistant Dean Grabiec, the soon-to-be graduates then took the oath of the Order of the Engineer, publicly declaring their affiliation as an engineer and their personal dedication to the obligations of the profession. New candidates of the Order of the Engineer forge a link with the growing community of engineers who openly adhere to the highest ideals of professional ethics and service. As a symbol of their affiliation, our graduates received a ring to be worn on the small finger of the working hand, as is traditional of Order of the Engineer members.

Senior Awards:

  • Outstanding Senior in Biomedical Engineering: Tyler Thomas
  • Outstanding Senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Nicole Veronesi
  • Outstanding Senior in Electrical Engineering: Lindsay Greenleaf
  • Outstanding Senior in Computer Engineering: Anders Nielsen
  • Outstanding Senior in Industrial Engineering: Benjamin Donahue
  • Outstanding Senior in Mechanical Engineering: Megan James
  • Marston Award: Austen Metsack
  • Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence: Trenton Gobel and Morgan Schrader

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