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School of Law to Host MA CORI Expungement and Sealing Volunteer/Attorney Training

Published: April 21, 2021 | Categories: All News, Law

Western New England University will host the MA Expungement and Sealing Volunteer/Attorney Training on April 22 from 12:30 -2:30/3:00 p.m. Join Access to Justice Fellow Attorney Crispin Birnbaum to discuss Massachusetts criminal CORI records expungement and sealing. This is a free virtual event aimed at training attorneys and volunteers to become more confident and comfortable serving clients with criminal record challenges.

This important training will include an overview of the criminal records system in Massachusetts, including when a record begins, who has access to it, what CORI rights and remedies clients have, and what to do if a record is incorrect.

Birnbaum will then provide an overview of expungement and sealing of Massachusetts criminal records, with practical information and tips for attorneys beginning to do this work.

Education will be provided to help attorneys better spot records issues when meeting with clients, have information to answer clients' questions, and better serve clients with expungement and sealing petitions and advice.

The training will conclude with an optional 30-minute practice session reviewing an actual CORI report from 2:30-3:00 p.m.

Attorney Birnbaum has led more than 100 trainings on criminal records (CORI) law for nonprofit and legal services professionals, as well as volunteer attorneys, veteran and youth support groups, and government agencies. Attorney Birnbaum recently won the Adams Pro Bono Publico Award for her critical work in this field.

For more information about this training visit or register at To learn more about the WNE University's Center for Social Justice visit