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WNE President, Council on Competitiveness to Discuss Emergent Technology and the Future of Disruptive Innovation

Published: September 30, 2021 | Categories: All News
Dr. Robert E. Johnson

Western New England University President Robert E. Johnson will participate in an expert panel with national business leaders that will examine the opportunities and consequences of Pushing Back the Frontiers of Technology & Defining the Future of Innovation on Thursday, October 7, at 2:00 p.m. EST. The panel will explore questions on the economic competitiveness, national security, and socio-technical implications of massive technological change and revolutionary innovation.

Dr. Johnson will provide informed thought leadership from the perspective of higher education with an eye to preparing earners and learners for the future of work equipped to create value and thrive in a complex and hyperconnected world.

The distinguished panel of experts includes Steven H. Walker, Vice President & Chief technology officer of Lockheed Martin; Kimberly Budil, Laboratory Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Jahmy J. Hindman, Chief Technology Officer of Deere & Company, and Deborah L. Wince-Smith, President & CEO of the Council on Competitiveness. This informative session will be moderated by Chad Evans, Executive Vice President of the Council on Competitiveness.

This webinar is the third in a series of “Competing in the Next Economy” conversations co-hosted by the Council on Competitiveness and Lockheed Martin, and will explore a series of key themes raised in the “National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontier.”