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Ola Ghoneim Gives Keynote Address at International Conference

Published: December 22, 2021 | Categories: Pharmacy and Health Sciences, All News, Faculty
Dr. Ola Ghoneim, College of Pharmacy

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Western New England University (WNE), Dr. Ola Ghoneim was a keynote speaker at DU-PHARM-2021 the 1st International Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy held at the Delta University for Science and Technology. The conference took place in Cairo, Egypt on November 20-21, 2021.

DU-PHARM-2021's theme, "Innovative Research in Pharmacy and Bioscience," centered on recent innovations and practical challenges encountered and solutions implemented in the fields of pharmaceutical science and biosciences. The conference provided participants an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn about the recent advances in pharmacy as well as to address critical issues in the scope of design and development of drugs as well as drug delivery systems.

Dr. Ghoneim presented on the use of educational games in her Principles of Medicinal Chemistry course to engage all students, especially those who opted to learn remotely via Zoom. The presentation was very well received by the audience, and several potential collaborations arose from the extrapolation of such educational methodologies in other disciplines and in other countries. Dr. Ghoneim was honored with a plaque for her significant contribution to the conference.

Over a dozen speakers and conference tracks were available to participants including Computer-Aided Drug Design, Green Chemistry, Stem Cell Technology, Pharmcogenomics, and more. A complete list of conference speakers and sessions can be accessed at