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College of Business Announces Future of Work Week this Spring

Published: January 24, 2022 | Categories: All News, Business
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Dr. Sharianne Walker, Dean of the College of Business announced that a new program, Future of Work Week, will be virtually hosted by the College of Business during the week of March 7th to 11th. According to Walker, the event will focus on discussions about the future of work in business and will feature expert panelists in various business disciplines. The program is intended to encourage discussion about future trends, opportunities and constraints to the work force and to business operations. These types of programs are central to the College of Business mission and its commitment to prepare College of Business students for the future of work.

"Essentially, we are living in the midst of a critical moment in history for the business world, where both employers and employees are raising and dealing with important issues related to a quickly emerging new workplace, work operation, and work force realities," said Walker. "Panelists will discuss not only how business is responding to the pandemic but how organizations are reinventing themselves and their workforce in a rapidly changing global environment where technology, data and a commitment to fundamental aspects of our shared humanity are impacting all aspects of business," she added.

"It is a reality that we are in uncharted waters and as we look to the future, we see a business landscape that will continue to evolve and where the ability to be agile, to make data informed decisions and to learn, unlearn, and re-learn will be a competitive necessity," according to Walker.

Future of Work Week will feature daily webinar discussions moderated by College of Business faculty members. Topics that panelists have been asked to address include digital marketing, remote work skills and considerations, fintech, leading remote work teams and digital currency. Panelists will forecast the future of work in accounting, finance, analytics, health care, sport, entrepreneurship, retail, and service industries.

Visit the College of Business website where the full schedule of speakers, panels, and dates will be released in February.