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College of Business Students Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Wall Street

Published: April 05, 2022 | Categories: Business, All News
Financial District sculpture: The Charging Bull

Finance students from the WNE College of Business recently participated in the “Wall Street Experience” in New York City.

They attended the Financial Crisis Tour and learned firsthand from Wall Street veterans about the investment strategies that contributed to the 2008 economic collapse.  They toured famed architectural wonders including the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, and The House of Morgan and learned about Wall Street’s history, the Dutch founding New York City, and New York City’s significance as the nation’s first capitol.

"We've covered the financial crisis quite a bit in class so it was great for the students to see where it all took place and hear it told by an industry expert that was involved in it," said Professional Educator of Finance, Dr. Wayne Durr.

After the tour, students had time to explore the city and see things like the Charging Bull, the 9/11 Memorial, and learn about the skyscraper race in the concrete jungle.