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Dr. Tamara Shattuck Selected to Participate in Inaugural ATE Inquiry Initiative

Published: August 05, 2022 | Categories: All News, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Tamara Shattuck

Dr. Tamara Shattuck, Assistant Professor of Education at Western New England University, has been selected to participate in the inaugural "Inquiry Initiative" sponsored by the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). The Initiative is a "first of its kind" collaborative exploration of teacher education practices and research, focused on "opportunity gaps" in education. Opportunity gaps are defined as the unequal or inequitable distribution of resources and options individuals or groups encounter in schools, colleges and universities, and employment and professional contexts.

Dr. Shattuck was one of just 80 university- and school-based teacher educators and education scholars from around the United States chosen to participate in the Initiative. Dr. Shattuck has an extensive work history in the field of education. She earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University, a Master of Museum Education from The University of the Arts, and has a BFA in studio art and a BS in art education.

Currently, as Assistant Professor of Education at Western New England University, Dr. Shattuck teaches methods and topics courses (science, social sciences/history, mathematics, art integration) for both elementary and secondary education students. Her research interests include professional development and access of resources for preservice and novice (first through third year) teachers in cultural institutions (science museums, natural history museums, children's museums, historic sites, art museums, libraries, zoos, and aquariums). She is also interested in professional learning communities that preservice and novice teachers are introduced to through community partnership programs.

More recently she has been using third space theory to analyze and identify moments where multiple voices have been, or can be elevated and merged to create meaningful learning experiences within educational spaces (K-12, higher education, informal education, museums, and community-based organizations). While also examining moments, and, or spaces where voices are not being elevated (who is welcome and included, who is left out), and how this affects access to resources.

The Inquiry Initiative aims to cultivate and support collaborative research inquiries across geographic and institutional contexts over a three-year span. Imagined as an alternative to the traditional "drive-thru" mode of professional engagement available via most academic conferences, the Initiative will include sustained and sustainable professional partnerships that result in pedagogical innovations, research reports and presentations, and education policies.

The Association of Teacher Educators is the nation's oldest professional organization dedicated to the preparation of teachers. It aims to promote advocacy, equity, leadership, and professionalism for teacher educators in all settings and supports quality education for all learners at all levels. An individual membership organization, ATE enhances quality teacher education through both exemplary clinical practice and research.