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Dr. Robert Johnson Named to Healey-Driscoll Administration Transition Team

Published: December 01, 2022 | Categories: All News
Dr. Johnson

Dr. Robert E. Johnson, President of Western New England University, has been appointed by Massachusetts Governor-elect Maura Healey and Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Driscoll to serve on the incoming administration's transition team.

"We're excited to welcome this experienced, innovative and hardworking group of leaders to our transition policy committees," said Lieutenant Governor-elect and Transition Chair Kim Driscoll. "They will play a critical role in the important work we are doing to ensure that our administration is ready to begin moving Massachusetts forward on day one."

Dr. Johnson has been named to the "Jobs and a Flourishing Economy for All" policy committee. According to the transition team, the Committee's work will focus on "how we build a dynamic economy that reduces costs for people and businesses while lifting up our workers."

"I want to thank Governor-elect Healey and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Driscoll for the opportunity to serve as part of their transition team," said Dr. Johnson. "As someone who has dedicated my 30-year career to preparing students to adapt and succeed in a dynamic future, I look forward to working with my fellow Committee members to identify ways to help move the Commonwealth's economy forward."

Each of the transition team's six policy committees is led by 2-4 co-chairs, who were previously announced. All committees will apply an equity and affordability lens to their work, always considering the ways in which historically marginalized communities may be impacted and how to alleviate economic burdens for Massachusetts residents, according to a press release.