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Western New England University's Kristine Goodwin Appointed to Inside Higher Ed's Student Success News Hub Advisory Board

Published: March 20, 2024 | Categories: All News
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Western New England University proudly announces the appointment of Kristine C. Goodwin, vice president and chief experience officer (CXO), to Inside Higher Ed's esteemed Student Success News Hub Advisory Board. This appointment highlights Goodwin's dedication to fostering student success and her expertise in higher education administration.

Inside Higher Ed, a leading source of news, analysis, and commentary for the higher education community, has assembled a select group of higher education professionals to serve on its inaugural Student Success News Hub Advisory Board. These individuals, recognized for their commitment to student success in various facets of college life, will provide insights and guidance to ensure Inside Higher Ed's coverage remains pertinent and beneficial to its readership.

Melissa Ezarik, editor of the Inside Higher Ed Student Success news hub, which launched along with a daily newsletter in February 2023, welcomed the inaugural advisory board members in a LinkedIn post, stating, "These individuals are passionate about helping to ensure students succeed in college in one or more of the various areas we focus on - academics, health and wellness, the college experience, and preparing for life after college - and will be helping us to ensure our coverage is as relevant and useful as it can be."

Several of the advisory board members, including Goodwin, have already provided input on initial and continued development of the news hub, which aims to offer ideas, advice and inspiration to higher ed professionals who care deeply about the success of all students, Ezarik said. "Kristine initially provided insights on the results of an early 2022 Student Voice survey we did on how 'understood' students feel. During that interview, which I recall lasted at least 90 minutes, it was clear she had poured over the data and thought a lot about how higher ed professionals could be using the findings to improve student experiences. That speaks to her commitment to helping students be the best they can be."

Goodwin joins an esteemed cohort of higher education leaders, including Rachel Annunziato from Fordham University, Jon Kapell from Winston-Salem State University, and Victoria Nguyen from Harvard Graduate School of Education, among others.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the appointment, Goodwin stated, "I am honored to represent Western New England University on Inside Higher Ed's Student Success News Hub Advisory Board. This opportunity aligns with our university's commitment to empowering students and enhancing their collegiate experience. I look forward to collaborating with my esteemed colleagues to contribute meaningful insights that support student success initiatives nationwide."

Goodwin's appointment underscores Western New England University's dedication to providing exemplary education and support services to its student body. As Vice President and CXO, Goodwin plays a pivotal role in shaping the university's strategic initiatives aimed at enriching the student experience and fostering holistic development.

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