OTD students

Current WNE Students

All About Our Current Students

Current Western New England University students have two pathways to enter the OTD program in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

3+3 Bachelors to OTD Programs

  • Health Studies/Pre-OT
  • Psychology/Pre-OT
  • Neuroscience/Pre-OT

Step 1: Students enrolled in the above programs should meet with their advisors at the beginning of their Junior year to be sure they: a.) are enrolled in the 2023-24 catalog or later; b.) are on track to complete all major requirements and GURs; c.) have met the GPA requirement of 3.20.

Step 2: COPHS Admissions staff will reach out to qualified students to schedule interviews with the Director of the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program.  

Step 3: After completing a successful interview, students will fill out the confirmation form below: 

3+3 OTD Program Confirmation Form

Direct progression into the OTD Program is conditional upon:

  • Completion of  undergraduate credits (92 for Health Studies, 90 for Neuroscience and Psychology)
  • GPA at the end of Junior year remaining at 3.20 or higher.
  • Fulfillment of any outstanding prerequisite coursework, with a grade no lower than “C”.
  • Completion of observation hours. 

3+3 students who do not meet the 3.20 GPA may still apply to the OTD program during their Junior year. They will be required to complete the full OTD application through the WNE website including: recommendations, personal essay, WNE questions, observation hours and fulfillment of prerequisite coursework. Enrollment deposits are waived.

Undergraduate students who are not enrolled in a 3+3 major may meet with their advisor to determine if they are able to complete their undergraduate credits, GUR requirements and OTD prerequisite requirements by the end of junior year, in time to take advantage of the 3+3 pathway. If so, they can change their major to one of the 3+3 pathways and follow the guidelines above to progress or apply to the OTD program.

Students Who Apply After Graduation

WNE students who plan to complete their four year bachelor’s degree before matriculating into the OTD program may apply during their senior year using the free WNE application and follow all application requirements. Enrollment deposits are waived.