OTD student with patient

OTD Fieldwork: Educators

Guided By Qualified Educators

Along with accepting the duties of providing fieldwork for an OTD student, as a fieldwork educator, you are giving back to the profession of occupational therapy. This is a key example of a foundational pillar of our program, which is to continually strive to learn and improve throughout one’s career as an occupational therapist.

A goal of the WNE OTD fieldwork program is to support our fieldwork educators as much as possible in their journey of hosting a WNE OTD fieldwork student. We encourage collaborations between our OTD faculty and our fieldwork educators in the community to ensure that WNE OTD students are receiving the most contemporary and comprehensive learning experience possible.

Benefits of hosting a WNE OTD fieldwork student include:

  • Appointment as a clinical instructor
  • Access credentials to the WNE D’Amour online library database for conducting research and searching for publications and evidence that can be used to inform your own practice
  • Access to professional presentations and continuing education offerings.

Resources are also available online to support fieldwork placements. Links can be found below: