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OTD Fieldwork

Experience the Power of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

Fieldwork education is a vital component of the educational process when becoming an occupational therapist. As the OTD student advances through the curriculum, it is their engagement in fieldwork that facilitates the connection between classroom concepts and real-world application. This can be the most exciting, rewarding, challenging, and memorable learning experience in the journey to becoming an occupational therapist.

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Fieldwork Overview

Fieldwork at WNE Fieldwork

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at WNE has a robust fieldwork program for providing meaningful and fulfilling learning experiences for its occupational therapy students, starting in the first semester.

Our Level One fieldwork program assigns students to various programs and settings in the region. Level One fieldwork is embedded into the curriculum every semester for the first five semesters, and the learning experiences align with the course offerings on campus for the given semester. This model for Level One fieldwork greatly exceeds the minimum accreditation standards and it provides a comprehensive experience for OTD students to interact with a variety of patient populations.

Once all courses and Level One fieldwork placements are completed, OTD students progress into Level Two fieldwork, which consists of two separate 12-week full-time assignments in a practice area within a geographical location chosen by the OTD student. Currently, WNE has established partnerships with over 1,000 programs nationally, which offers vast opportunities for OTD students to explore fieldwork assignment options across the United States.