Students working with professor


Below is a listing of our current staff. If you can't find someone you're looking for, please refer to the University's directory for a complete listing of all faculty and staff contact information.

Office of the Dean

Schaft, Michele
Office Manager

Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences 

Bielecki-Wilken, Kathleen 
Pharmacy Laboratories Manager and Instructor

Mujalli, Nadia
Staff Assistant

Pharmacy Practice

Staff Assistant

Academic Affairs

Mazza, Jennifer
Operations Coordinator

Raschilla, Ron
Simulations Technology Manager/Clinical Instructor

Wei, Quan
Senior Instructional Designer

Student Affairs

Berg, Lori
Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Health Professional Programs

Henry, Ellen
Assistant Director of Admissions, Health Professional Programs

Office of Experiential Affairs

Burnett, Chantel
Experiential Distance Learning Pathway Coordinator

DeFilipi, Dominic
Operations Coordinator for Experiential Affairs

DeMar, Heather
Director of Experiential Education

Occupational Therapy

Anderson, Judy
Operations Coordinator

Eck, Justin
Instructional Technologist/Designer


Mannheim, Michael
Health Sciences Librarian