Please refer to the Forms, Policies, and Procedures link for all specific forms and policies, but we often find folks in different departments asking similar questions, so figured we'd put some of our standard answers here to save everyone time.

Q: Do I need to submit a Purchase Order in order to place an order?

A: A P.O. is required to place an order of $5000 or over; for orders under $5000 a P.O. is not required.

Q: Do the color-coded forms (Check Request and Cash Advance) really need to be printed out and submitted on colored paper?

A: Yes! It's part of our policy, so it is required.

Q: Can I sign off on my own reimbursement?

A: No. You can sign off as the "requestor," but it has to be approved by a department head or someone with budgetary authority, who is also your supervisor.

Q: How quickly can I get a payment issued?

A: Check Runs are done weekly. The only requirement, other than those specific to what form of payment request is being submitted, is that the request is submitted by the end of business on Monday to be included in that week's Run. If not, however, it will still be processed, but in the next week's Run.

Q: Can I have a check for a payment request held instead of mailed, and if so, how?

A: Yes! On Check Requests or TME Forms, check off the "Hold Check..." option; on invoices write "HOLD" in large, noticeable letters on the invoice itself. In all instances, put the name of the person picking up the check on an envelope, and attach it to the payment request.

Q: If a check is held, where can I get it?

A: All held checks are delivered to Enrollment Services Friday morning of the week they're processed, and are available at that time with proper ID.

Q: The University is a tax-exempt entity; does that include all taxes?

A: No, we are still responsible to pay meals tax, lodging tax, and other travel-related taxes. Please contact the Procurement staff for specifics. 

Q: Who do I call for specific Procurement questions?

A: Please look on the Staff page. Procurement staff members specialize in different areas, but we all should all be able to answer general info questions.

Q: Do I need to fill out and attach a Check Request if I provide an invoice?

A: No, never! Okay, almost never. Generally speaking, if you have an invoice, we do not need a Check Request. That doesn't apply when a Check Request is being used for a reimbursement, which leads me to... 

Q: For reimbursements, when do I use a Check Request versus a TME Form?

A: A Check Request is used to reimburse an employee or student for purchasing goods on behalf of the University; a TME Form is used for reimbursement of University authorized travel-, meal- or entertainment-related expenses (thus, "TME").

Q: Can I book my own travel (i.e. airline ticket, etc.)?

A: Yes, if for individual domestic travel. If the travel is for a group, or is International travel, please contact Pat Lamere (x2256) for specific requirements and limitations. In these cases, a Purchase Order must be submitted, which Pat can provide specific help and guidance with.

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