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Student Accessibility Services

Accomodations and Advocacy Advocacy

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services! Our office is dedicated to the development of a supportive and inclusive campus environment for students. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) serves as a resource for students with diagnosed disabilities providing accommodations and advocacy assistance to support equal access and the full participation of students with disabilities in all University programs, activities, and education.

Registering with SAS as a student with a disability supports campus inclusion. Disability is a form of diversity. A disability diagnosis or condition is neutral; neither positive nor negative. As a Western New England University student with a disability, you can register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to be approved for accommodations. Accommodations are designed to eliminate disability-related barriers in the environment and curriculum so that you have an equal opportunity for access and success. Student Accessibility Services. SAS will verify eligibility for services, identify accommodation needs, and to determine the appropriate support services and accommodations available.

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Student Accessibility Services
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