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Professional and Departmental Clubs and Organizations

Arts & Sciences Clubs

Actuarial Science Club

The purpose of the club is to be a leading force on the WNE campus in guiding students on learning about the actuarial science field. The club aims to be a professional career resource for actuarial science students and interested students in preparing for credential exams, internships, and career opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Join Western New England University’s chapter of the world's largest educational and scientific computing society!

Chemistry Club

The primary function of the Chemistry Club is to promote chemistry knowledge. In Chemistry Club, we strive to erase the stigma of difficulty and overall fear of chemistry. We provide students with fun and engaging experiments and demonstrations that show the lighter side of chemistry while educating them on the basics of the subject.

Criminal Justice Association (CJA)

Alongside one of the largest majors on campus, the Criminal Justice Association encourages students to learn the ins and outs of the criminal justice system through guest lectures, field trips, and national conferences. Members will be exposed to topics beyond what can be found in a textbook, through networking with professionals and being introduced to potential internship and career opportunities.

Forensic Science Club

The purpose of the Forensic Science Club is to bring together the students, faculty, and staff of Western New England University who share an interest in forensic science and for the members to learn more about the subject through the activities of this organization.

Historical Society

The Historical Society promotes the interest of history in all students, regardless of their major. The Historical Society will give you the exciting opportunity to participate in club activities, watch films, and explore New England’s unique historical heritage that can be connected to many different people, places, and times in history. The Society actively encourages and contributes to the deep motivation, interests, and studies in history, and believes that historical knowledge is an important part of life for all members.

Math Club

The Western New England University Math Club is an open, unbounded set of students, striving to deliver the delicious joys of math, slice by slice, to all interested students. Our union includes students of all majors who like to gather for math fun, games, films, faculty presentations, hands-on activities, and tasty snacks.

Model United Nations

Learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations with this student-run organization! In the past, Model UN has traveled to Harvard University for a conference with mock debates against other institutions from around the country and world.

Neuroscience Club

The purpose of the Neuroscience Club is to raise awareness of the contemporary problems in neuroscience on campus. It will also serve to give students a venue to talk about future courses, graduate opportunities, peer networking, support, and alumni activities through the use of programs such as seminar activities.

Pre-Med Club

Do you have a passion for the medical field? The Pre-Med Club is designed to help prepare students for medical school and mold them into ideal applicants. We emphasize scholarship as well as community service and exhibit this by coordinating blood drives on campus, volunteering at local hospitals, and hosting practice MCAT and GRE exams. During the year we also bring in guest speakers from different sections of the medical field.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy Club is dedicated to providing support and opportunities for Pre-Pharmacy students to prepare for entrance into any professional Pharmacy program. The Pre-Pharmacy Club is involved in community outreach programs and hosts study sessions, a practice PCAT exam, and a Winter Formal. They provide Pre-Pharmacy students with guest speakers who can help to choose a career path, as well as find jobs in the field of pharmacy while in school.

Psychology Club

Western New England University's Psychology Club is an organization for anyone who has an interest in Psychology and wants to participate in informational and activity-based sessions regarding topics from this broad field. Members can expect to meet about twice a month for about 30-60 minutes depending on the meeting and should also look forward to more special events like community service projects, guest speakers, and professional panels in the future depending on scheduling and level of interest.

Social Workers Advocating Together (SWAT)

Social Workers Advocating Together (SWAT) is a club that focuses on helping others. Whether it's volunteering in the community or helping a fellow student, SWAT has successfully participated in many outreach opportunities. The group incorporates the values of Social Work into all of its activities; however, students from all majors are encouraged to join and participate. we encourage students from all majors to participate in the club and our events.

Business Clubs

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club

Do you have your own idea for a product or business? The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club will help you run with that vision. The mission is to facilitate networking among aspiring entrepreneurs across campus and seasoned entrepreneurs within the greater Pioneer Valley. You’ll share ideas and gain access to resources that promote entrepreneurial success. Annual events include Networking at Sophia’s, Shark Tank Competitions, and Elevator Pitch Contests.

Investments Club

Interested in the stock market? Want to know what other students are doing with their money? Join the Investments Club for the opportunity to engage with like-minded students, faculty, and staff members as well as guest speakers.

Management Association

The Management Association provides membership to students of all majors with the opportunity to gain further knowledge of the management field. The club sponsors a variety of activities including luncheons that offer the students a way to network with people already employed in the business field. The club sponsors various tours of companies and provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the business faculty on an informal basis.

Marketing Association

The Marketing Association’s mission is to expose students to the practical application of marketing methods, network with industry professionals, and participate in service-based learning. As a member, you will enhance your ability to promote yourself in the ever-changing and rapidly diversified job market. All business majors interested in marketing and communications are encouraged to join!

Sport Management Association (SMA)

The Sport Management Association provides membership to all students of all majors with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the sport management field. The Sport Management Association helps coordinate many on-campus events each year. The Association offers you the chance to meet new people and to take an active role in your school community.

Women in Business

Are you a woman who aspires to be a successful business professional? This is the place for you! This club provides you with the ability to connect with other established businesswomen and learn more about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Engineering Clubs

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The Western New England student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) challenges its members to apply their skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios through engineering competitions and community involvement. You will be involved in activities that encourage innovation and creativity through applications of civil engineering. The chapter hosts networking events that provide you with the opportunity to speak with professionals and make the necessary connections that will aid in your future career.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The Western New England University section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) advances the knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering. You will become acquainted with the faculty and the activities of mechanical engineering, and promote professional awareness. Trips to manufacturing and research facilities, as well as lectures by guest speakers and ASME engineering competitions, are sponsored by the club. Any student who is enrolled in an approved engineering curriculum may join.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

The Biomedical Engineering Society is an active organization aimed at exploring the many opportunities available in the biomedical engineering field. The club participates in activities such as conferences, tours, and presentations that not only heighten awareness of emerging technology and research in the profession but also introduce firms affiliated with these fields of study. Membership in this society plays a significant role in providing professional contacts and a solid understanding of the options available to students majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Engineering World Health (EWH)

Engineering World Health aims to improve the quality of life and health care in countries that are much less fortunate than ourselves. Using engineering, ideas are put into development that can be used in these countries where they do not have the resources to treat patients. The EWH section of Western New England has a goal to help raise money to send supplies to hospitals, clinics, and Guatemala where students visit through an ILP class each spring.

FIRST Robotics

FIRST Robotics is a collection of students and professors who have an interest in the mechanical, electrical, and software applications of robotics in today's world. We provide a local F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team with mentors, compete in college-level competitions, and explore engineering and technology through hands-on experiences.

Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is the national professional association for electrical engineers. Our IEEE chapter on campus is dedicated to bringing students together to spread knowledge on the different branches of electrical engineering and to educate students on various positions in the industry. The group hosts its own on-campus hackathons and coding competitions. The chapter also promotes research in the field of electrical engineering and sponsors many student projects.

Institute of Industrial/System Engineers (IISE)

The Western New England Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is committed to the growth of its members and its chapter through community involvement, professional development, mentorship, and providing leadership opportunities. The chapter will grow the knowledge of its members by fostering an appreciation for lifelong learning. This will be accomplished by seeking opportunities for networking, outreach, and applying membership skills in unique and fun ways.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The objective of the organization shall be to stimulate and develop student interest in engineering and science. Members are expected to excel academically, as well as to serve as positive role models to the university community and the off-campus population. Professional networking opportunities will be offered to members. Members will be involved in volunteer services within and outside the university community and will serve to strengthen relations between the professional industry and students of color.

Society for Automotive Engineers (BAJA)

The focus of the Society for Automotive Engineers (BAJA) at Western New England University is to provide students with real-world experience and gain a deeper understanding of engineering practices and encourage good fellowship between students and faculty. 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Western New England University student section of the Society of Women Engineers is an active group that provides professional contacts and academic and social backing for students majoring in Engineering. This section is welcoming of anyone on campus supporting women in engineering. The club is involved with community service and youth outreach as well as attending the annual conference to network and build professional connections to start a student's career.

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