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Freshman Council

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What is Freshman Council?

Freshman Council is one of the Student Senate organizations within the Class Council Program. The Class Council Program at Western New England University is a four-year leadership development experience for undergraduate students. Class Council members work together to plan programs, participate in civic engagement opportunities, develop as leaders, serve as undergraduate representatives, and build unity within their respective class years. The Freshman Council is a great opportunity for freshmen to develop their college experiences, build memories, create new friendships, and learn about becoming a leader at Western New England University and beyond.

Who is in Freshman Council?

Each class year has its own Class Council with a membership of 25 students consisting of a diverse offering of backgrounds, experiences, qualities, expressions, interests, and skills. The Freshman Council has recently been comprised of both commuter and resident students from as close as Springfield, MA, to as far as California. Applications for Freshman Council traditionally become available for submission during Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) and close in mid-September. Members will hold their positions until April when applications open for the following year's Sophomore Council. All members looking to continue their membership must reapply, and students who are not current members looking to get involved during the following year are highly encouraged to apply.