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Leadership Development

Shaping Our Emerging Leaders

Student Involvement and Connections hosts a variety of leadership development programs designed to increase the skills our students need to be influential members of their communities. These programs focus on topics for our students who are just embarking on their leadership journey to our seniors who are honing their abilities for the job search. Students do not need to have a "formal“ title to participate in each series. Content and delivery vary but each series focuses on developing and strengthening demonstrated skills that future employers will be seeking.

Leadership Through Involvement

One of the best ways students can develop their own leadership skills is through club involvement. Both on the participant and executive board levels our students are able to develop skills in the areas of group dynamics, communication, trust, follow-through, time management, negotiating, and much more! Students are also able to use their experiences to develop and grow their own personal leadership styles.

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Leadership Through Employment

Student Involvement and Connections is committed to enhancing student development outside of the classroom. A great way to develop your leadership is through on-campus employment. Campus Center employees, for example, participate in training and professional development throughout the year to enhance their transferable leadership skills. For on-campus student employment, students are encouraged to Human Resources with any questions.

Class Council Program

The Class Council Program at Western New England University is a four-year leadership development experience for undergraduate students. Each class year has its own Class Council consisting of up to 25 students from diverse backgrounds and affiliations. Class Council members work together to plan programs, participate in civic engagement opportunities, develop as leaders, serve as undergraduate representatives, and build unity within their respective class years.

Applications for Freshman Council become available during the summer. All other Class Council applications become available in March for the following academic year.

Leadership Series by Class Year

Emerging Leaders: Freshman level students

5-week workshop teaching the ability to work within a team, communication, and leadership styles

Art of Leadership: Sophomore level students

5-week workshop teaching problem solving, initiative, creativity, and critical thinking

L.E.A.D.S.: Junior level students

Leadership, Excellence, and Dynamic Students. Topics include professional communication beyond the office, life after WNE, and career development. Skills learned include analytical, organizational, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Success Series and Symposium: Senior level students

Programs during the senior year on topics including dinner etiquette, apartment hunting, personal budgeting, resume writing, and other pertinent senior-related topics.

R2L (Ready 2 Lead)

Western New England University is committed to the development of our students as leaders on campus, in their respective fields, and in their communities. The R2L (Ready 2 Lead) program is an exciting way for first year students to jump into leadership at WNE!

Why should I register for the R2L program?

R2L is a way for first year students to develop and build their leadership skills, explore their identity and values, and build connections on campus and in the community.

Through the Office of Student Involvement and Connections, this program focuses on the development of skills in the following areas:

  • Identity and Self-Awareness
  • Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Community Commitment

All of the shared leadership competencies will make students more marketable candidates as they seek on-campus leadership opportunities, internships, and eventually enter the job market.

Applications for this program become available early summer each year for the rising freshman class. All participants in the program have exclusive accessibility to development workshops, pre-orientation experiences, networking with alumni, and community-building events.

Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit takes place at the beginning of each semester and brings together leaders from all over campus. This large scale event typically includes a presentation from an off-campus guest and a workshop on how larger ideas can help leaders in the work they do on campus throughout the semester.

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