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Sexual Misconduct is a broad term encompassing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence.

Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.

Sexual Violence is physical sexual acts perpetrated against a person’s will or where a person is incapable of giving consent. Sexual violence includes rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual abuse, and sexual coercion.

What to Do If You Experience Sexual Misconduct

How To Make A Report 

  1. You may report an incident to law enforcement for criminal action. This type of report can be made to the Campus Public Safety Department or the Springfield Police Department. The University encourages individuals to pursue criminal action for incidents of sexual misconduct, violence, or harassment that may also be crimes under Massachusetts law. The University will also proceed with the internal process of investigating when a criminal complaint has been made. The University will not wait until the criminal case is resolved before proceeding with the University process.
  2. A complainant may report an incident to the Campus Public Safety Department but choose not to pursue criminal charges. The Campus Public Safety Department will forward the report to the Title IX Coordinator for evaluation and action.
  3. A complainant may choose to report an incident to a University representative other than the Campus Public Safety Department. These reports can be made directly to the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinators, Dean of Students, or other members of the faculty or staff. When the University becomes aware of sexual misconduct, violence or harassment, it may have an obligation to proceed with an investigation regardless of the complainant’s wishes.
  4. A complainant may pursue both the University process and the criminal process simultaneously.
  5. A complainant may wish to report an incident anonymously or confidentially to the University without disclosing the names of the respondent or witnesses. The University’s ability to respond to this type of report will be limited. When a report is made confidentially or anonymously the University may become the complainant. This decision will be made based on the information reported and after the initial evaluation of the report and request for confidentiality.

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