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Student Support

At Western New England University, our student-centered focus means that you will be both challenged and supported to succeed here. We offer a variety of academic support services, including free academic tutoring to help students improve their skills and learn techniques to master new course content. With this support, students are encouraged to seek out assistance when they need it and are empowered to build upon that experience on future assignments.

Writing Center

The Writer Center, part of the Reading and Writing Program, offers free tutoring to all students at the University. Peer tutors work with students to give them tools and guidance to improve their writing, reading, and critical thinking skills.

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Science Center

The Science Center offers quality peer tutoring by upperclassmen majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Tutoring is available for all introductory biology, chemistry, and physics courses as well as some upper-level courses in biology and chemistry.

Math Center

The Math Center is committed to helping students do their individual best in their mathematics courses. The staff of peer tutors offers support and promotes the understanding of course material so that key concepts may be mastered.

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Student Success Center

Are you looking to boost your grades? Are you seeking support for a particular class? Do you need some guidance for managing your time? The Student Success Center is here to help.

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Student Accessibility Services

All members of the Western New England University community work together to ensure equitable access for students with disabilities. As soon as you enroll, we encourage you to contact our department so that we can best assist you.

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Office of Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs is responsible for integrating the University's broad array of the academic efforts in order to ensure a thriving learning community.

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