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Undecided on a major? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, in keeping with a national trend, 27% of students registered at a recent Open House were undecided. And that is a perfectly sound decision. At Western New England University, our Exploratory program gives you the freedom to consider all of your options. With nearly 50 majors, and 40 minors, we encourage you to enroll in the Exploratory Program in one of our Colleges where you will gain the skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork that are as vital to careers in criminal justice as they are to industrial engineering or sport management. Taking the time to explore and research the ideal major for you is a smart way to maximize your investment in a college degree.

Due to their intensive curriculum structure, some programs such as our pre-professional programs or science programs do not accommodate first year exploration. So plan early to discuss your academic interests with your admissions counselor or faculty advisor.

As an exploratory student, remember that finding the right school for you isn’t about landing on the "perfect major" right away. It’s about choosing a school that gives you choices—and that is where Western New England University truly shines!

So take your time. Ask questions. And enjoy the journey of exploring your possibilities at Western New England University.

Career Opportunities

At the Career Development Center, you will find a career counselor dedicated to the Exploratory program who can provide direction and work with you to research and brainstorm the possibilities and opportunities available to you through various majors and career paths.

Career Center

Clubs & Organizations

As you explore your academic options, also take the time to check out our more than 70 clubs and organizations, varsity and intramural sports, special interest groups, and student government.

Clubs and Organizations


Within your College of exploration, you will begin to build relationships with key people on campus: deans, professors, peers, and most importantly, your faculty advisor. He or she will become your go-to person in selecting classes and identifying interests, and providing guidance as you chart your academic journey and career aspirations at Western New England University.