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College of Business

The College of Business has been the proving ground for leaders in major accounting firms, CEOs and CFOs of banks and financial institutions, executives in insurance and manufacturing industries, top healthcare and nonprofit professionals, and scores of entrepreneurs. Their educations have given them a broad-based foundation in all facets of business along with the specific focus of their majors and internships to contribute to the success of their organizations and their own careers.

Undergraduates can pursue 11 majors and several time and tuition saving combined degree programs. In keeping with national trends, 20% of business students registered at Open House are undecided. Our Exploratory Program gives you the freedom to consider all of your options–a smart way to maximize your investment.

At the graduate level, our flagship MBA offers the quality, convenience, flexibility, and affordability sought by individuals seeking to rise to executive roles. Capitalizing on the strengths of our accounting, leadership, and sport management programs and the diverse offerings of the University, we are uniquely positioned to provide a wide array of advanced and combined degrees to open doors to even greater career opportunities.

Our reputation for personal attention to students, internship connections to the business community, and the highest business accreditation in the world, ensure that you will receive an outstanding business education that will take you successfully from the classroom to your career.

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Learn more about the College of Business from international opportunities to programs focused on leadership development and entrepreneurship.


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A Global Business Focus

Our curricula presents opportunities to study foreign economies, cultures, and business models. Students are encouraged to study abroad through travel courses or trips to international sporting events provided through the Center for International Sport Business.

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Stand Out with SAP Certification

SAP, the Enterprise software is part of our core business education of how today’s businesses are run. SAP is used by companies such as SunPower for Talent Management, SF 49ers to enhance fan experience, and Proctor & Gamble for Real-Time Analytics. Students receive SAP certification which expands career options and gives our graduates a competitive advantage on the job market.


An Entrepreneurship Incubator

Are you an idea person who has a concept for a new product or service for a start-up business? Get started here. Western New England University is one of the best kept secrets in higher education for students who want to start their own businesses.

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Trading Room and Financial Center

The Frances and Norman Cohen Trading Room and Financial Center gives students access to Morningstar Direct, which provides detailed and historical financial information about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities. Real-time stock tickers and data boards provide important financial information.


Business Class of 2020 Outcomes

Survey says...

In a survey of the College of Business Class of 2020, 96% were employed/offered employment within six months of graduation. Others were enrolled in graduate school.