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Supporting the Commonwealth's FinTech Ecosystem

Hosted by WNE’s College of Business, FTI focuses on FinTech and Artificial Intelligence to improve the competitiveness and economic growth of the Massachusetts economy.

The FTI will support the Commonwealth’s FinTech ecosystem with a focus on the western Massachusetts area. WNE offers the first affordable state-of-the-art resource in the region that supports integrated resources for entrepreneurs and existing businesses developing AI-driven FinTech solutions and serves as a training ground for students and current employees in finance-related fields through enhanced coursework and experiential learning enabled by the FTI’s infrastructure.


Thinking of creating a tech startup? Here is your opportunity!

Launch your idea in the world of FinTech or AI at the FinTech + AI 413 Startup Launch Series organized by the WNE FinTech Incubator.

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