Community Standards


WNE Welcomes You

A guest is any person who is not a student at the University.

A visitor is a student at the University who is not assigned to the particular location they are visiting. Visitors include students residing off campus, commuters, and students from other rooms and residence areas.

As the University returns to pre-COVID conditions, students are no longer required to register guests. However, it is important to remember that all students are responsible for the actions of their guests and are subject to accountability through the conduct process.

The presence of an overnight guest/visitor in the residence areas must not exceed two (2) consecutive nights or four (4) nights in any seven-day period. Any indication that a guest/visitor is abusing this policy or utilizing University housing as a place of residence may result in discipline, including the guest being restricted from University property and accountability for the student host. The University reserves the right to remove a guest from the campus at any point.

All individuals placed in isolation or quarantine housing may not have guests. This includes any Western New England-affiliated individuals, excluding Health and Wellness staff and their designees.