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Early Action Scholarship ($2,000)

Sometimes you just know when a school is a great fit for you! For full-time undergraduate students, applying to WNE early by November 15 is not only a smart decision but one that can earn you a $2,000 Early Action Scholarship.

Submit your application by November 15 and you will receive a $2,000 scholarship when you enroll the following fall. Here’s how it works:

  • $2,000 scholarship per year if the application is submitted by November 15 the prior fall.
  • The other documents to complete the application can come later as long as the application is submitted by November 15.
  • Early Action is non-binding, meaning students are not required to enroll at WNE. They are just showing their interest.
  • Test Scores and letters of recommendation are not required as part of our application process.

So act early and apply now!

This amount is in addition to WNE academic merit scholarships, which can be up to $29,000 per year.