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Undergraduate Cost

You deserve real value. WNE gives you that and more.

Real value for the real world—that’s what students and their families want from an investment in higher education. With a focus on career-readiness, your own team of advisors, and opportunities to apply what you learn in internships, WNE gives you excellent value with bottom line affordability.

Want an education that makes you in-demand? Our graduates earn an average of $6,916 a year more than 80% of students from other schools where our applicants typically consider enrolling. Now that’s a great return on investment.


So what is the cost of attending WNE? 

Sticker Price Isn’t Actual Price: Compare the Bottom Line.
We know it’s hard to make apples to apples comparisons, especially when some schools toss in some oranges, such as lower tuition figures but higher fees. So don’t get stuck on sticker price. Look for the bottom line. When your personalized financial aid package factors in scholarships, grants, and other aid, our bottom line costs of attendance make WNE competitive with many institutions you may be considering—even public universities.

Our merit scholarships reward your previous academic performance to give you scholarships ranging from $25,000-$30,000 (2024-25) annually (each year you maintain good grades), as well as need-based grants. This means that most of our students pay significantly less than the tuition rates listed below.

The chart below provides an overview of typical charges at WNE. The first tab, “Basic Costs,” is most useful for new students starting with the fall 2024 semester. It provides an overview of our costs without merit scholarships or need-based grants. The housing and food charges use the double room rate and are subject to change based on where students choose to live.

The second tab, “Typical Costs After Aid,” shows an estimate of out-of-pocket costs families can expect (2023-24). Actual net cost varies based on your particular circumstances.



Finance Helpline

Financial Timeline and Checklist for Freshmen/Transfer Students

Do you have questions about FASFA deadlines? When are deposits due? Or about financing your education? Our timeline helps you keep track of it all.

Timeline & Checklist

Enrollment Services

The Enrollment Services office combines the traditional offices of financial aid, registrar, and student accounts in one location for one-stop service for your financial needs.

Enrollment Services

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