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FinTech + AI 413

Startup Launch Series

Dive into the world of FinTech with WNE University’s FinTech 413 Startup Program! Whether you’re a college student or a budding entrepreneur in MA, you can seize this unique opportunity to bring your startup ideas to life.

With expert coaching, high-performance computing resources, and access to funding, your entrepreneurial dreams are within reach. Immerse yourself in our region’s rich FinTech ecosystem and join the WNE the College of Business’s FinTech Incubator (FTI) high-performance computing cluster. You’ll receive personalized training by WNE faculty, corporate partners, and local nonprofits to secure funding and incentives such as prize money and access to investors.


Program Series Details


Summer Incubator Fellowship (six weeks)

June-July 2024

Startup teams advance their ideas to the prototype phase in this intensive six-week residential fellowship. Sessions feature guest speakers, individualized tech support, and focused mentorship. Fellowship teams will receive a $2,500 stipend per person.

SOAR Show-and-Tell

June 2024

Startup teams pitch and demonstrate their Proof-of-Concepts (POCs) to the incoming freshmen class and their families during WNE’s Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR). This event serves as a practice run for the upcoming Fall Demo Day.

Fall Demo Day

September 2024

Startup teams present an investor pitch and formally demonstrate their POC/finished product to a panel of five judges. Each judge will be allocated funds to invest in one or two startups, in addition to the option of adding their own capital. All startups that receive funding will be eligible for a grant to continue use of the FTI HPC and other FTI resources for at least one year. 

Meet the Program Team

Dr. Charles Mutigwe
Associate Professor, Business Analytics

Dr. Mary Schoonmaker
Associate Professor, Marketing

Dr. Bryan Schmutz
Associate Professor, Finance

Dr. Sanjeev Jha
Associate Professor, Business Analytics

Dr. Ethan Jiang
Assistant Professor, Finance

Dr. Yamini Jha
Professional Educator, Business Analytics

Timothy Loew
Senior Advisor, MassDigi & WNE Advancement 

Program Partners

WNE Advancement 

WNE Division of Marketing & External Affairs

Alchemy Funds

M. Scott Investments