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Faculty & Staff

The Faculty and Staff at Western New England University School of Law share a commitment to create and maintain an environment that enhances student learning. We are here to assist you as a valued member of the School of Law community.

We extend our warmest greeting to new and returning students!

Faculty and Staff Resources

  • Human Resources

    The department of human resources focuses its services and efforts on the employees of Western New England University.

  • Finance & Administration

    Among the many and various responsibilities, the Division of Finance and Administration helps to keep our community safe and attractive; provide opportunities for personal and professional development; manage payroll, accounting, contract, and budgeting matters; and enhance and maintain our buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and campus grounds.

    Finance & Admin
  • Libraries

    The D'Amour Library is a research and social hub for undergraduate and graduate students. The three-story Law Library located in the Blake Law Center provides access to print and digital resources to support student, faculty, and alumni research.

  • Center for Health and Wellness

    Located on the second floor of The Center for Sciences and Pharmacy, the Center for Health and Wellness is structured much as an urgent care center for students, faculty, and staff. With a variety of care services, the Center can help you meet all of your health and wellness needs.

    Center for Health and Wellness
  • Anthony S. Caprio Alumni Healthful Living Center

    Open to all faculty and staff, the Anthony S. Caprio Alumni Healthful Living Center (AHLC) features an Indoor Pool, Indoor Track, Fitness Center, Strength Training Room, Aerobics Room, Racquetball Courts, 2,000-seat Basketball Facility, and Practice Courts.