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Note Taker Request Form

Note Taking Assistance

Student Completion Directions and Additional Information (Students attending WNE Law may NOT complete this form):

Form Completion Directions

  • Complete one Note-Taker Request Form for each course, per semester.
  • Finding a note-taker may take up to two weeks, request a note-taker as soon as possible.
  • Have a discussion with the instructor and attend enough sessions of the class to determine the level of notes provided in the course (unless the course is at the Law school; please do not discuss your request with your instructor in those Law courses, speak directly with Associate Dean of Student Affairs Jordan Hall.)

If you are requesting a notetaker, please be aware of the following: Only students that are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS), have a disability that affects their ability to take notes, and have been approved by the SAS staff for notetaking accommodations are eligible for notetaking services.

Note: Test Request forms are not processed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have listed more than one exam on the form, we will only process the first exam; one completed form for each exam. If you have not received a response from Student Accessibility Services within 48-hours of the exam please contact and for the note-taker request confirmation can you add-if you have not received an email response from Student Accessibility Services within 24-hours of the note-taker request form completion please contact Note-Taker request forms are not processed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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