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The composition program at Western New England University provides a foundation in writing and analytic reading for a diverse group of incoming freshmen and transfer students. The program is designed to sharpen students' rhetorical skills and to teach them how to approach unfamiliar texts with confidence.

The two course sequence begins with English 132, a standard course focused on the analytic reading of prose non-fiction from a variety of disciplines and on the writing of accurate and effective prose using a variety of techniques.

English 133 continues the emphasis on writing and analytic reading with a focus on literature and the three major literary genres: poetry, fiction, and drama. Building on the work of English 132, this course helps students recognize the writer's intention, central ideas, organization, and uses of language. The course also introduces various tools for practicing fundamental literary analysis.

For students who need more extensive practice with grammar, mechanics, and the principles of writing, there is a yearlong sequence, English 130/131, which fulfills the English 132 requirement. Students in this two-semester course benefit from one-on-one support, increased opportunities for workshops and peer review, and the added time required to hone skills. Successful completion of this course sequence prepares students for English 133.

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