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Billing FAQ

What does the first Fall bill show?

The first bill for the upcoming academic year shows actual tuition and fees for students who have registered.

Room and board charges are actual charges for students, based on their room assignment. Final charges may be higher, based on actual assignments later in the summer. Meal plan changes could result in bill adjustments, as well.

Why is there a health insurance charge?

Per Massachusetts law, any student who registers for more than an established minimum of credits must carry health insurance. The University, by default, will provide health insurance and charge the student on the first bill of the academic year. Students are given an interval during which they can waive the University's coverage and avoid the charge. You can learn more about how complete the waiver at the Center for Health and Well-Being

Once the waiving period is over and College coverage is initiated, the health insurance charges cannot be reversed.

How do we arrive at the Estimated Pending Financial Aid that shows on the bill?

The bill reflects aid that the University has awarded and other external scholarships or loans of which we are aware. The University's award may be tentative pending receipt of required documentation and may change prior to the start of the semester. Actual disbursement of the University's award depends on completion of a number of steps, including signed award letters, completed promissory notes, loan interviews, and completed verification worksheets. Students will receive notices from our office detailing any missing items.

What needs to be paid and when?

The net balance due, after Estimated Pending Aid, is due by the due date noted on the bill, unless the bill reflects a Payment Plan. Bills for Plan participants indicate the monthly amount due. After the due dates, that portion of charges not covered by aid and loans is subject to a monthly finance charge of 1%.

When will financial aid be posted to the account?

All financial aid and loans are posted once classes begin, if all required steps have been completed.

What if some aid does not post to the account after classes start?

Aid items will not post to the account if a required step pertaining to a particular aid item is missing, or if the financial aid filing process is incomplete. An exception will be state scholarships, which can disburse as late as November. Contact the Enrollment Services office to determine what must be done if other aid items do not disburse.

What if you cannot pay the amount due by the due date?

One option is to establish a Payment Plan. If you need to finance a portion of the balance due, click here for a discussion of financing options beyond the award letter. If you are trying to calculate what you need to finance, whether you have received a bill or not, click here for guidance. Remember that you need to plan for the entire year's charges, not just a semester's.

Didn't find an answer to your question? Please visit our Financial Aid FAQ for more information.

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