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Finance and Administration

The purpose of the Division of Finance and Administration is to advance the mission of the University by:

  • Providing outstanding service to our stakeholders
  • Creating an attractive, safe, and effective environment for the engagement, research, and teaching activities of Western New England University
  • Facilitating best practices, including ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
  • Enabling Western New England University to create and maintain a diverse campus and welcoming climate
  • Creating a culture of life-long learning and professional development within our Division
  • Engaging in responsible stewardship of financial, environmental, and people resources in a sustainable manner while also demonstrating the highest standards of ethical and financial integrity

Among the many and various responsibilities, our Division members keep our community safe and attractive; provide opportunities for personal and professional development; manage payroll, accounting, contract, and budgeting matters; and enhance and maintain our buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and campus grounds. Each and every day, we touch the lives of faculty, students, staff, and visitors.

Whether you are visiting these pages to obtain resources, consider employment opportunities within our Division, or just to learn a little more about Western New England University, I hope you’ll leave impressed with the diversity and quality of service the Division of Finance and Administration provides on a daily basis.

Basil A. Stewart, CPA, CGMA
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Western New England University