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New Employee Technology Guide


Acceptable Use Policy
All community members are expected to abide by Acceptable Use Policy published by the Office of Information Technology.
Getting Help with Technology
User ID and Password
  • Every community member is assigned a User ID (also called your "Username"), which together with a password, is required for access to online systems. 
  • As a new employee, you must 'claim' your UserID/Username before it can be used.
  • Passwords expire several times a year. Use the Login Help page to change or recover a lost password.
  • Microsoft Outlook is pre-installed on your computer for access to your email and calendars.  Or you can use "Outlook on the Web" at https://owa.wne.edu from any web browser.
  • You must follow these SPAM rule instructions to control how junk mail is handled.
  • Read OIT's Email support page for tips on receiving your email on your phone or tablet.
  • Connect2u is a web portal that gathers frequently used online university applications into a single point of access.  Exactly what you can access from Connect2u depends on whether your role is student, faculty, or staff.
  • Connect2u includes some information that isn't available on the university's public website, and is the home of the University Posts bulletin board system.
  • Login to Connect2u at https://connect2u.wne.edu 
Wireless Networks
  • Community members should select the "WNE" wireless network and then visit any website to authenticate using their University UserID/Username and password. The network remembers your device, so you will only need to login every few months.
  • Guests must use the "WNEGuest" network. Although the WNEGuest network does not require authentication, access to some University systems may be blocked from that network.
Microsoft 365
  • The University is licensed to offer the Microsoft 365 tools to all employees and students.
  • Login at https://office.com Enter your email address in the form Username@wne.edu and then enter your WNE password.
  • The Microsoft Office 365 suite is free for you to install at home for use throughout your employment the university.
  • Your account includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.
Zoom Web Conferencing
Zoom Phones
  • The University uses a cloud-based communications system called 'Zoom' for phone services.
  • Most employees do not have traditional desk phones, but instead use Zoom Desktop Software on their computers and/or mobile apps on their cell phones to make and receive calls.
  • Visit this page for more information and instructions on using Zoom phone services: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697
  • The online phone directory is at: https://www.wne.edu/directory (or click "Directory" at the bottom of any WNE web page including this one!)
Colleague & Self-service
  • Many of the University's business functions are supported by the Ellucian Colleague suite of enterprise software systems. Your level of access to Colleague depends on your role and specific job duties.
  • Self-service provides everyone role-based access the elements of Colleague they need in a user-friendly way.  For example, staff use may use self-service to record hours worked or to select health insurance options, faculty may use self-service to enter grades, and students use self-service to register for courses.
  • Self-service can be accessed via the Connect2u portal.