Law student event


Diverse On-Campus Involvement Opportunities

Opportunities for on-campus involvement are abundant at the School of Law. Because of the close-knit community here at Western New England University, you will be able to step up as a leader and gain valuable experience from our school-sponsored organizations. The list of student organizations changes every year, based on the activities and interests of current students. Through the Student Bar Association, the law school provides a budget and administrative resources to approved student organizations.

The Student Bar Association is the official student government for the School of Law. The SBA Board serves as a liaison between the student body, the administration, and the faculty. The SBA also fills student representation positions on faculty and administrative committees, providing important perspective from the student body at large. Additionally, the SBA oversees the funding of other student organizations, through budgetary hearings at the beginning of each semester, and provides social opportunities for students at several school-wide functions annually. Such events include our annual Basketball Tournament, Bar Review, Barrister’s Ball, and more.