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College of Engineering to Launch Online Lean Six Sigma Certification Workshops

Published: November 20, 2020 | Categories: Engineering, All News

Accredited workshops starting in January 2021

Six Sigma graphic depicting process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control)

Western New England University announces a unique training/mentoring partnership with Solomon EOS to prepare professionals to integrate proven Lean Six Sigma tools into their workplace.

Lean Six Sigma is an effective business and engineering methodology that emphasizes elimination of waste and inefficiency through data collection and resulting analysis. It emphasizes employment of a complex set of analysis tools to both collect and draw conclusions related to productivity and efficiency. While Lean Six Sigma has its origins in manufacturing, in recent years the methodology has been applied to customer service, healthcare, information technology, and many other industries.

The University is partnering with Solomon EOS, a training and consulting corporation that specializes in Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certification. The partnership allows for online self-paced instruction, or classroom instruction with online content and mentoring leading to Western New England University Lean Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt Certification.

Dr. Matthew Romoser is an associate professor of industrial engineering at Western New England University and is the lead trainer for this program. In addition to being an educator, he is also a researcher with 25 years of experience working directly with industry. He is a highly qualified Black Belt trainer and expert in Lean Six Sigma, process improvement, advanced training systems, human factors and work analysis and design.

"Lean Thinking offers a disciplined approach to systems improvement that is key to saving money, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction," says Dr. Romoser. "Through these workshops, what you learn today can have immediate application to your work, increase your earning potential, and position you for advancement opportunities."

Exclusive online workshops or on-site training is available by arrangement for groups of 10 or more employees from the same company. For more information, contact or visit and be sure to use to the WNE code: SEOS53 when enrolling.