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The role of the pharmacist is changing, and the Western New England University Doctor of Pharmacy program prepares you to be a part of that future through the Distance Learning Pathway (DLP). As the practice of pharmacy transitions, WNE is meeting the moment through a comprehensive and adaptable online curriculum.

Offered as a high-quality online alternative to our campus-based Doctor of Pharmacy program, the PharmD distance pathway will allow you to pursue a career in pharmacy wherever you are and with more flexibility to meet life’s demands. As an ideal program for the self-motivated student, you’ll work through the same curriculum as our campus-based program, and there is no added time to degree completion. 

Through both synchronous and asynchronous mod­ules, the DLP program offers the flexibility to learn on your schedule while maintaining a connection to and engagement with the program and your cohort. On-campus 1-2 week immersive sessions bring you and your classmates together for practical learning and networking at specific points in the program.

We believe a diverse student body becomes a diverse profession that can provide care to more patients. Our students come from a variety of back­grounds that contribute to cohorts with rich experi­ences, knowledge, and viewpoints. We celebrate this diversity and engage it to help teach our students to meet the moment in healthcare and to provide culturally competent and compassionate care.

This is a four-year program; the College also offers an extended, six-year program at a slower pace that allows students to pursue a career in pharmacy with more flexibility to meet life’s demands.

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