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Beginning in fall 2024, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will offer the six-year Extended Distance Learning Pathway (DLPx). The DLPx follows the same curriculum as our full-time distance and in-person pathways, but at a slower pace that allows you to pursue a career in pharmacy wherever you are and with more flexibility to meet life’s demands.

The WNE Doctor of Pharmacy DLPx is a 146-credit curriculum that includes both online classroom instruction and hands-on, in-person (experiential) learning. Our low student-faculty ratio ensures students receive individualized attention. In both the digital and in-person classroom, students engage in discussion and learn through integration and application of pharmaceutical, clinical, and administrative sciences. Introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE) and advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE) provide a framework for learners to integrate classroom skills in a supervised environment early in the program and practice the skills in a more independent manner during the final year as they evolve into independent practitioners.

This is an extended, six-year program; the College also offers a four-year distance program that is a high-quality online alternative to the on-campus PharmD program.

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