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JD Tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $48,870 for the full-time program and $36,660 for the part-time program.

Fees include registration and general service fees, use of the Anthony S. Caprio Alumni Healthful Living Center (CAHLC), technology fee, and Student Bar Association fee.

Additionally, Massachusetts law requires documentary proof of health insurance for all students. Contact the Center for Health and Well-Being for more information at 413-782-1211.

The combined tuition and fees and academic and bar success materials are thus $51,510 for the full-time program and $38,030 for the part-time program.

Note: All figures listed above are subject to change.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Each year, the Financial Aid Office determines a standard Cost of Attendance for determining financial aid eligibility. The following chart gives both the specific line-item figures and the overall bottom line for 2024-2025, based on 9 months of expenses.

Full Time (annual costs) 2024-2025 Part Time (annual costs) 2024-2025
Tuition (12-16 credits per semester) $48,870 Tuition (8-11 credits per semester) $36,660
Fees 2,090 Fees 950
Academic and Bar Success Materials 550 Academic and Bar Success Materials 420
Books 1,600 Books 1,600
Housing & Food 13,585 Housing & Food 13,585
Personal 2,410 Personal 2,410
Transportation 2,920 Transportation 2,920
Average Federal Student Loan Fee 216 Average Federal Student Loan Fee 216
Total $72,241 Total $58,761

Part-Time Program Tuition Notes:
  • The part-time tuition rate includes a total of 10 credits of summer coursework over the course of the JD program. Part-time students may take summer courses during the summer after their 1L, 2L, or 3L year only. Students are limited to a maximum of two courses per summer semester. Students will be charged the per-credit rate for any additional credits beyond 10 credits.
  • As an exception to the maximum limit on credits for the fall semester of their 1L year, part-time students will be enrolled in 12 credits but will be charged the regular part-time tuition rate.

The 2024-2025 per-credit rate for summer courses (beyond those included in the part-time tuition rate) and credits beyond the range specified for the full-time program for fall or spring semester is $1,670 per credit.

Tuition Refund Policy

The School of Law operates on an academic term, making advance commitments to teaching staff and others whose services are essential to the operation of the School of Law and University. Under School of Law and University policy and the School of Law's Academic Rules, refunds are made to students based on the refund schedule posted on our website:

Students who withdraw from a class or from the School of Law must notify the Student Records Office in writing at the time of withdrawal. Approved refunds will be computed based on the date appearing on the official withdrawal form. Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal from a course. No refunds will be made for fees other than tuition. Students who use the deferred tuition payment plan are obligated to pay in accordance with the above schedule. If, at the end of a semester, a student has not paid the accrued charges for that semester, the student will be designated "not in good standing" until the charges are paid.

Students who withdraw with an unpaid balance will be financially liable for any amount remaining unpaid after a refund credit has been applied to the balance, if applicable.

No student may withdraw in good standing from the University unless all financial obligations
have been met.


Western New England University School of Law is committed to making a legal education affordable for our students. Law school is an important investment, and we will work with you to assure that you have the resources available to you to finance your legal education. 

The American Bar Association (ABA) defines a conditional scholarship as any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the student maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing. All scholarships awarded in your letter of acceptance are non-conditional and are therefore automatically renewed while you are in good academic standing. Your scholarship award may not be reduced or forfeited based upon your class ranking.

Please be aware that all scholarships identified in your letter of acceptance are applied towards tuition only. The receipt of scholarships, grants, or veterans benefits from sources outside the University may require the Financial Aid Office to decrease any scholarship amount awarded to you in your letter of acceptance.

University scholarships are made possible through the generous gifts of donors to the University. Your scholarship may have one or more donors recognized for providing a portion of the funding that supports your scholarship. When that funding is applied to your scholarship, it will be reflected within the award that is already provided.

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