Mail Services


Delivering Answers To Your Questions

Q: I'm a student, where do I pick up my mail and/or packages?
A: Student mail is delivered to the Campus Center on the first floor in the student mailboxes. All packages are held at Mail Services located at the Campus Utility Building (CUB). A notification slip is placed in your student mailbox when a package has come in. If a perishable package comes in, you will be called on your telephone number on file. Prior to pick up, the perishable item will be stored in a refrigerator.

Q:  I'm a student, where do I pick up my mailbox key?
A:  Freshmen pick up their keys at Orientation - Transition Day. A tent is set up on the lawn of Commonwealth Hall. At that time you will be given your key, your mailbox number and a paper giving instructions on how your mail needs to be addressed.

Q:  What happens if I lose my key?
A:  Come to Mail Services and they will have your lock changed and issue you a new key. There is a $45 charge for a lost key.

Q:  How long do I keep my key for? Do I turn it in at the close of each academic year?
A:  You keep your key during your full stay at Western New England University. You do not turn it in until you graduate or leave the University.

Q: What is the deadline to drop off mail at Mail Services?
A: All outgoing USPS Mail should be at Mail Services no later then 2:00 p.m. in order for the staff to have ample time to provide same day processing. The sooner your mail is brought to Mail Services, the sooner your mail can be processed and on its way to its destination. Mail received in Mail Services after the 2:00 p.m. "cut-off" time may not be sent out until the next business day. FedEx and UPS drop boxes are located outside Mail Services for your convenience. Their pick-up times are posted on the boxes.

Q:  Can I order mail supplies like interoffice, Express Mail, Priority envelopes, and trays?
A:  Yes, call Mail Services x1509.

Q:  How can I find a zip code for an address or city?
A:  The United States Postal Service website allows you to look up information. Visit their website

Q:  Can I receive personal mail at my University department address?
A:  NO. The University requires all faculty and staff to receive their personal mail and packages at their home or permanent address.

Q:  Can I send my personal mail to Mail Services and charge it to my department?
A:  NO. As a courtesy to the University community, Mail Services picks up any stamped personal mail from departments along with other mail that is picked up at a regular pick-up location.  Personal mail must be sealed and have the correct postage affixed. Personal mail cannot be charged to a department account. Mail that appears to be personal without postage will be returned to sender.

Q:  I am changing departments on campus and need to have my mail forwarded to my new location. How can I have my mail forwarded?
A:  A change of your campus location must be acted upon promptly. As soon as you learn of your new location and new campus department, send an email to indicating your new and old department. It is solely up to you and your department to make arrangements to receive mail that is still addressed to your old department. It is your responsibility to make sure the people who send you mail have your correct campus address.

Q:  How can I track a FedEx, UPS, or USPS shipment?
A:  You can go directly to their websites:  

Q:  How do I get Bulk Rate - Nonprofit mailing discount?
A:  Bulk Rate - Nonprofit has a 200 piece minimum or a 50 total pound requirement. All pieces must uniform in size, weigh less than 16 ounces, and be at least .007" thick. Contact Mail Services 413-782-1509 for more information or to set up a meeting.  

Q:  How much does it cost to send a letter or package through USPS?
A:  See the different rates for a letter or package by visiting Postage Price Calculator