Product Innovation Showcase

9th Annual Product Innovations Showcase

Showcases Today's Innovators

Welcome to the 9th Annual Product Innovations Showcase, which is the culmination of a combined business and engineering fall semester course that focuses on product innovation development. This year 15 teams, composed of business and engineering students, have taken an idea to a limited-functional prototype in 15 weeks.

The Showcase will be held on December 6 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Rivers Memorial Hall.

This year's Showcase features innovations:


No Drip | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Alexander Krawiec, Tristan Hebert, Ryan Mattson, Kyle Richards, Anthony Russo, Ryan Suprin, Jarod Witzke
No Drip is a mechanic’s tool used to retain excessive lubricant leakage when changing oil filters.

Rachet Master | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Nicolas Buonagurio, Naomi Harry, Zachary Johnson, Anthony Meccia, Aidan O’Connor, Joseph Shea, Kohtaro Shimada
Ratchet Master is a handy attachment for any light duty ratchet strap hook that will assist in untangling the strap while tightened down.

Socket Lock-it | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Luciano Breneville, Jason Chartier, Maximilian Faretra, Ethan Franklin, Jared Kuryan, Logan Los, Sebastian Manning, Austin Nemec
Socket Lock-it is an easily detachable adapter and nylon tether system that is an accessory to socket and ratchet sets. This system prevents sockets from falling off ratchets when working in engine bays.

Health and Fitness

Kleo Speeds | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Callaghan Daskam, Rocco Desimone, Michael Heavey, Taylor Keegan, Michael Knapp, John Oliver, Trevor Relyea, Robert Zawacki
Kleo Speeds is a new versatile cleat. Detachable from the bottom, athletes have a new look along with the opportunity to eliminate the need to buy multiple pairs of cleats.

MediPouch | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Griffin Anthony, Maria Kahn, Karoline Klaus, Tram Lu, Alexandria Morris, Thomas Melninkaitis, Conrad Swanson
MediPouch is a liquid medicine administration device that mimics a child’s snack pouch to make the process of administering medication to children a stress-free event.

TECool | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Caeliana Fitzpatrick, Griffin Morris, William Pierce, Daniel Podzunas, Allie Provost, Eleftheria Siolas, Abbagail Vanvalkenburg 
TECool is a discrete cooling device that can be worn on the wrist or other parts of the body to provide a cooling sensation that aids and provides relief from hot flashes and overheating.  

Household and Pet

Adapt-A-Paws | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Emily Cantanzaro, Brian Cooper, Leah Cunha, Jacob Dauphinee, Jonathan Murray, Charles Myette, Colby Reilly
Adapt-A-Paws is a set of adjustable pet stairs designed to provide accessibility to pets with mobility issues. Using a crank system to adjust the height, pets can easily reach heights of up to 28 inches.

Breakout Buddy | Pitch | Poster | Demo 
Maria Cosme-Plein, Benjamin Faletra, Faith Graveline, Evan Grocki, Colby Hick, Caleigh Parmentier, Brianna Scafidi
Breakout Buddy is a safety extension to your dog’s crate that automatically unlocks the crate door during a fire/carbon monoxide emergency so that your pet can escape the crate when you’re not home.

Hell's Hands | Pitch | Poster | Demo 
Julia Frappier, Carolyn Mills, Isabella Montalvo, Joseph Snopek III, Michael Strauss, Dante Talamini, Kelly Yorkey
Hell’s Hands is an innovative way to interact with hot objects through the use of high-performance materials and shape-retention technology to produce a cloth device with exceptional thermal resistance. The combination of materials, construction, and features provides a novel user experience—boosting safety and ease of use.

Sleep Tight | Pitch | Poster | Demo 
Samantha Blau, Colton Degroat, Miranda Gendron, Joseph Russo, Connor Smith, Robert Taylor II, Pavel Usatyy
Sleep Tight is a magnetic clamp that holds bed sheets and blankets in place throughout the night and while making the bed. It alleviates the frustration of blankets coming untucked from underneath the mattress.


Clean Screen | Pitch | Poster | Demo 1 | Demo 2 | Demo 3
Tyreece Cherival, Grant Maziarz, Eryn Mower, Grace Neffinger, Kayli Rosenkrans, Elizabeth Weston, Kyle Young
Clean Screen is an automated cleaning device that is a healthier way to eliminate harmful bacteria and ensures the well-being of individuals using a self-checkout machine.

Silent Sign | Pitch | Poster | Demo 
Payton Barry, Simone Cardoso, Dos Santos, Yuto Hiraki, Ryan Snow, Jacqueline Stickter, Taylor Tenerowicz, Kyle Zemba
Silent Sign is an LED sign that addresses the concern of confronting loud people in a public setting by displaying customized messages. When a designated quiet space gets noisier, the sign will display color indicators changing from yellow, to orange, then red depending on the specified decibel range, warning people to quiet down.  

Travel and Transportation

Bev-Saver | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Lauren Avery, Jason Breton, Kenneth Chesbro, Helen Gillespy, Alyssa Murphy, Paul Riccio, Jack Rothbart
Bev-Saver is a versatile car cupholder that can fit a variety of different sized beverages. This product will alleviate the stress of not being able to fit your drink into a standard sized cupholder.

Seat Stash | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Taylor Aucoin, Ian Beauregard, Renato Cardoso Dos Santos, Colleen Furlong, Nathaniel Homans, Tyler Kelly, Jake Wylie
Seat Stash is a stylish and functional truck storage compartment organizer, created to update the interior of a truck, while keeping necessities well-organized and within easy reach. It is made of sturdy, premium thermoset plastic, with three additional smaller organizers for pens, phones, and other items, and can support up to 5 pounds of weight.

Smooth Mover | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Abigail Blasko, Amelia Brown, Zao Gill, Robin Goyette, Areti Panatsas, Bailey Pennington, Charles Przechocki
Smooth Mover is a new suitcase wheel that includes a suspension system designed to improve the travel experience. The wheels are removable so customers can customize their suitcases based on preference and ease the stress of carry-on suitcase size requirements.