Product Innovation Showcase

7th Annual Product Innovations Showcase

Welcome to the Product Innovations Showcase, which is the culmination of a combined business and engineering fall semester course that focuses on product innovation development. Each year, 15-25 teams, composed of business and engineering students, take an idea to a limited-functional prototype in 15 weeks.

This year's Showcase features innovations:

Auto Knife Sharpener | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Spencer Annable, Dan Buell, Josh Gill, Katelyn Griffin, Courtney Thompson
Auto Knife Sharpener is a knife sharpener that can automatically sharpen a wide variety of knives in a safe manner by a press of a button.

AutoLock | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Pat Dever, Brendan DiRamio, Kyle Durkin, Seth Gardner, Alex Mueninghoff, Arian Taveras
AutoLock protects homeowner’s windows against intruders by automatically locking windows whenever closed. This retrofit lock attaches to any double-hung window to provide an affordable security measure.

Camper Cleaner | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Ben Colledge, John Condon, Luciano Crimi, Trevor New, Ethan Pighetti, Patrick Whelan
Camper Cleaner is an all-in-one, hands-free solution for cleaning your RV/Camper in minutes. With the press of a button, watch the system clean all debris off the slide-out of your RV/Camper with ease and minimal effort.

ClipSheet | Pitch Poster Demo
Raghdah Aldoghani, MaryKate Caron, Jonathan Civiello,  Anthony Gamba, Dylan Hanley
ClipSheet revolutionizes the way you put your sheets onto the bed while keeping them in place. Through a quiet, motorized system: clip your sheets onto the device, press the start button on the remote, and watch as your sheets automatically pulled into place.

Ejecto Poles | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Conor Drogalis, James Errickson, Kevin Flynn, Connor Frey, Seamus McCarthy, Kyle Trockman
Ejecto Poles are ski straps that utilize two magnetized clips connected to a hand-harness that provides the user with a quick-release mechanism to prevent injuries as well as optimize the user's experience and overall ability while skiing.

Hair Be Gone | Pitch Poster Demo
Jon Ambler, Kailey Carrano, Emma Elrod, Dante Malaspina, Shelby Maston, David Michaud, Anu Mustapha
Hair Be Gone is a vacuum-like appliance that efficiently clears hair drain clogs and allows the user to dispose of the hair without touching anything gross.

HandiZip | Pitch Poster | Demo
Timothy Doyle, Seyvon Kouao, Matthew Martin, Julia Niemiec, Jack Quigley
HandiZip is a unique pair of clips that assists with aligning and using zippers. Compatible with most jackets and coats, Handizip takes the frustration out of zippers, particularly for those with limited dexterity.

IV Brush Vac | Pitch Poster Demo
Adam Dacruz, Lauren Jablonski, Will Reynolds, Mike Semanie, Chris Zampino
IV Brush Vac helps car detailers simultaneously brush and vacuum car interiors for a time efficient and high quality clean.

Knife Handler | Pitch | Poster | Demo
William Dion, Tyler Hamel, Justin Illes, Benjamin Thongphala, Jesse Yelle
Knife Handler is an all in one solution for kitchen cutting needs, including knives, a cutting surface, and even blade sharpening accessories. By utilizing a single handle for a multitude of blades, Knife Handler keeps a compact profile, designed to maximize features and minimize space.

Ladder Lock | Pitch | Poster Demo
Pranav Agarwal, Jordan Giacomin, Scott Malecki, Eliezer Melendez, Kate Schwed
Ladder Lock assists contractors with an efficient way of lifting their ladders onto their ladder racks. Ladder Lock also offers a simple method of securing the ladder onto the rack.

La-Z-Baby | Poster | Demo
Famara Dieme, Marco Guimaraes, Jasmine Jones, Alejandra Salazar, Ana Salazar
La-Z-Baby is a modern day car seat that provides additional head and neck support for any child as they fall asleep in the car. With brake-detecting technology, La-Z-Baby can come to the rescue in the event of any sudden accident or collision.

Opti-Shelf | Pitch | Poster
Christopher Fusco, Sean Hogan, Colten Lancaster, Conor Leach, Jake Ondrejko, Nathan Sullivan
Opti-Shelf is a shelving unit that brings the bottom or the top shelf to you for ease of access. It is a motorized unit that is as easy to use as pushing a button on a remote.

Safety Shell | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Kendra Castagna, Zachary French, Brian Madden, Madison Sexton, Ben Shaw
Safety Shell is a stabilizing device that ensures an individual will stay safe during sleep after intoxication to reduce risk of aspirating. This one of a kind innovation will be helping colleges and universities nationwide.

Skate Brake | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Preston Aldrich, Arriana Hasiuk, Alex Hernandez, Jared Morrissey, Jarrett Ruggiero, Zach Snow
Skate Brake uses an innovative braking system to control speed when riding on a skateboard. You can always count on Skate Brake to safely stop and never stop the fun.

Smart Sheets | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Steven Futtner, Colin Garrow, Emily Lake, Evan Lee, Evan McCabe, Joel Wyzik
Smart Sheets is a motorized system designed to spread, tighten, and tuck sheets across a bed with zero effort by the user. Engineered to fix most residential beds, Smart Sheet is the smart solution for every bed-maker.

Survival Jacket+ | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Aidan Banahan, Spencer Cook, Kyle Cunningham, Chris Fortier, Charles Goodermote. Julia Nemphos
Survival Jacket+ is a next generation jacket made to withstand harsh conditions in outdoor activities incorporating optional floatation and insulation, waterproof material, and added storage for tools, phones, food, and other essentials.

TC Ratchet | Pitch | Poster | Demo
Nathan Bruneau, Drew Kendall, Julianna Martin, Oliver Philbrick, Joe Thornton, Willow Winiewski
TC Ratchet is a turn-counting ratchet to make the work of mechanics easier. Our ratchet is an innovative product that brings the precision of the torque wrench to turn counting specs.