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What interests you? With 50 academic majors and 30 minors, plus accelerated bachelor/master's programs, you're sure to find a program that can lead you to a rewarding career. Search our alphabetical listing of majors, minors, and programs or use our "Interests" tool to explore similar options. Not ready to pick a major? That's fine, many students today prefer to join us in our Exploratory program. With a focus on career readiness, these programs will challenge you through hands-on projects; internships and experiential learning; faculty-led study abroad; and research and presentation. It's no wonder that Western New England University has been named #5 in the nation and #1 in Massachusetts when it comes to preparing graduates for the job market.

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  • 3+3 Health Studies/OTD

    Two degrees of preparation—in just six years, not seven. That’s the advantage of earning both a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree jointly at Western New England.

  • 3+3 Law Program

    Law encompasses and affects a wide range of industries. The 3+3 Law Program allows you to pick an undergraduate major of interest and combine it with a law degree, so that you may pursue a unique and exciting career path, while saving both time and money.

  • Accounting

    A wide range of career paths is open to you through the Accounting major. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to explore positions in industrial, public, government, and institutional accounting. Beyond the classroom, you’ll develop marketable skills in professional settings through internships.

  • Actuarial Science

    The Actuarial Science major trains students in the mathematical, statistical, and business techniques needed to assess and manage risk in a variety of settings including insurance, health care, business, and finance. The job of actuary is a challenging but rewarding one that is usually ranked at or near the top of annual “best jobs” lists.

  • African American Studies

    This interdisciplinary minor will allow you to learn about the African American experience from different angles and aspects of society, including, history, media, and gender. This lens of study will offer a new perspective on contemporary issues of race in today’s society.

  • American Studies

    The American Studies major is the perfect combination of English and history that allows you to dig deeper into American identities, culture, and history. Using both literature and visual media, you will make meaningful connections between society and culture today and in the past.

  • Art

    The Art minor allows you not only to study different subdisciplines of art and its history, but also hone and express your creativity and skill.

  • Athletic Coaching

    The Athletic Coaching minor combines physical education, psychology, and sport management courses for a well-rounded base and skill set that will prepare you for a future in athletic coaching.

  • Biology

    Our engaging biology curriculum focuses on the fundamental facts, theories, and principles of biology, and integrates the experimental design, instrumentation, and data analysis methods that biologists use in research and practice.

  • Biomedical Engineering

    In the Biomedical Engineering major, you will learn the foundations of both engineering and health concepts in order to innovate new ideas and practices that will improve treatment the quality of life for patients.

  • Bio-medical Physics

    Minoring in Bio-medical Physics will allow you to expand your knowledge of physics beyond the introductory courses with a focus on bio-medical applications.

  • Business Analytics and Information Management

    The big news in business is Big Data and companies are hungry for people with expertise in this growing field. The Business Analytics and Information Management major will prepare you for these opportunities and provide a solid foundation in all facets of business.

  • Business

    Business skills are essential to virtually every job where you will need to manage people, functions, or budgets. The Business minor is an ideal complement to any major in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences or Engineering.

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry focuses on the composition, properties, and reactions of matter. The scope of chemical investigation is broad and encompasses virtually everything. From structural relationships, energy, and technology to pharmaceuticals, macromolecules and biochemistry, and analytical, organic, inorganic chemistry, you'll have opportunity to explore theoretical principles and their application firsthand through laboratory activities, instrumental methods, and even research!

  • Civil Engineering

    The Civil Engineering major will provide you with the building blocks to envision and design critical infrastructure through classroom activities, lab experimentation, and practical experience.

  • Communication

    The Communication curriculum provides you with opportunities for personal empowerment as well as nearly limitless career options. With a foundation in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and media dynamics, students can concentrate their studies in public relations, media theory and production, journalism, health communication, or for- and non-profit corporate communication. Hands-on learning and internships make the Communication program an exciting and rewarding experience.

  • Computer Engineering

    Through hand-on learning, you’ll be prepared to program the future in the Computer Engineering major. From computers to smart phones, and robotics to avionics, the possibilities are endless.

  • Computer Forensics

    Computer crime is at an all time high. This minor will provide you with an understanding of the landscape of computer crime and some of the approaches used to address that crime. You will study from the dual perspectives of Criminal Justice and Information Technology.

  • Computer Science

    Studying Computer Science will provide you with a foundation in software design and development combined with an understanding of computing theory. You will study databases, design of algorithms, parallel programming, and more. This background will prepare you to work collaboratively in a wide variety of fields including games, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software engineering.

  • Construction Management

    The Construction Management major is a well-rounded degree program that will combine engineering and business courses with construction industry knowledge to help you effectively lead and supervise construction projects of all sizes and types.

  • Creative Writing

    As a Creative Writing major, you will learn the craft of writing in various genres through workshops; reading classic literature; and writing your own poetry, stories, and essays. Whether you aspire to be an award-winning novelist, poet, or business leader, you will graduate with a portfolio and accomplished writing skills.

  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal justice is a growing career path with many applications in serving the public. Our program provides opportunities to pursue Concentrations in Criminal Investigation, Homeland Security and Terrorism, Victim Studies, or Administration of Justice.

  • Digital Publishing

    The Digital Publishing minor combines the aesthetics of layout and design with writing and programming to prepare students to publish their work digitally in an ever-changing online world.

  • Economics

    Studying economics will help you understand how the economy works. It will give you the tools to analyze how economic policies and world issues impact the economy, and make economic forecasts. Your knowledge will be valuable in a variety of settings, including the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

  • Education

    Minoring in Education offers you the opportunity to learn about the policies, philosophies, and laws related to education. You may also choose to take coursework in teaching strategies and methods. ​

  • Electrical Engineering

    Our society today is powered by electronics. In the Electrical Engineering major, you’ll work with modern technology to gain an understanding of the devices and machines that keep us connected and running at high speed.

  • Elementary Education

    Elementary Education coursework will immerse you in the theories, skills, and professional standards you need to become a successful elementary classroom teacher. You will complete a double major which will ensure you have both depth of content knowledge for classroom teaching, and opportunity to develop other career opportunities upon graduation. Education majors complete several experiences in local elementary classrooms to demonstrate implementation of all teaching skills and dispositions needed for licensure.

  • English

    The career opportunities for English scholars are endless, as critical thinking, well-crafted writing in various genres, and a strong voice have applications in all fields. Through expository and creative writing and in-depth study of important texts, you will develop the skills to be an influencer in literature, publishing, journalism, and beyond.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Big Data is leading to big opportunities for college graduates with expertise in SAP, the all-encompassing computer software used by major corporations worldwide. Gain a competitive advantage on the job market with this minor.

  • Entertainment Management

    Do you want to be involved in the world’s best venues for sports, music, and entertainment? The Entertainment Management minor will give you a peek behind the curtain at the business side of entertainment, while also helping you understand the operations and planning that goes into each exciting event.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Students pursuing the entrepreneurship minor will complement their major area of study with an understanding of what is involved in developing new ventures and in managing small and medium-sized firms.

  • Exploratory

    At Western New England University, our Exploratory Program gives you the freedom to consider all of your options.

  • Film Studies

    The Film Studies minor will take your enjoyment of film to the next level, by studying the history of cinema and its influence, the screenwriting process, and directing techniques, you will gain more understanding and appreciation for the efforts behind successful films.

  • Finance

    What’s it like to work in a financial trading room? You’ll find out in the Finance major when you learn your way around industry software in the Cohen Trading Room and Finance Center. You’ll apply what you learn in exciting internships and be well prepared for this in-demand field.

  • Five-year Accounting/MS in Accounting

    The Five-year Accounting/MS in Accounting program will put you on the fast track to becoming a CPA, providing the credential you need to launch your career in accounting.

  • Five-year Bachelor/MBA

    This accelerated program allows you to complete your bachelor's degree and our renowned MBA in less time than it would take to finish them separately, saving you tuition. The Five-year Bachelor/MBA program is available to students of all majors except for Education and Social Work.

  • Five-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership

    If you are an emerging leader, the Fiver-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership will give you both foundational knowledge and opportunities for self discovery in order to help you take your career to the next level.

  • Five-year BS Engineering/MS Engineering Management

    This combined degree will not only save you time and money, but also make you a more versatile employee. With an undergraduate degree in any of the engineering disciplines and a master’s in Engineering Management, you will be well rounded and efficient as a professional engineer.

  • Five-year BS in Computer Engineering/MS in Electrical Engineering

    By pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and master’s in Electrical Engineering you will be able to focus and go more in-depth into the specialization of your choice: computer, electrical, or green engineering, while saving time and tuition.

  • Five-year BS in Engineering/MS in Industrial Engineering

    In a society that thrives on fast, efficient, and cost-effective services and manufacturing, the Five-year BS in Engineering/MS in Industrial Engineering will prepare you to be an asset to any employer. You’ll be fully equipped to not only improve any work environment, but also to help it grow to its full potential.

  • Five-year BS/MS Electrical Engineering

    By pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s in Electrical Engineering you will be able to focus and go more in-depth into the specialization of your choice: computer, electrical, or green engineering, while saving time and tuition.

  • Five-Year BS/MS in Civil Engineering

    The Five-year BS/MS in Civil Engineering will help you learn to innovate and create the latest developments in our nation’s infrastructure as a well-rounded civil engineer.

  • Five-year BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering

    Your journey to a successful career in the mechanical engineering field begins with the Five-year BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering program at Western New England University. In your five years of study in the program, you will earn a both degrees in less time than it would take to earn them separately, saving you tuition.

  • Forensic Biology

    In the Forensic Biology major, you will combine scientific knowledge with critical thinking to learn the tools, techniques, and skills to analyze evidence and work with the legal system to corroborate evidence and statements in court. Not only will your career have impact, but it will also be exciting and challenging.

  • Forensic Chemistry

    There are many components to the investigation of physical evidence—and forensic chemistry is one of them. In this major, you will gain a strong foundation in science, as well as the knowledge of the law, and how evidence must be collected, preserved, and tested in order to hold up in court.

  • Forensic Science

    If you’re interested in studying evidence and how it is presented in the legal system, the minor in Forensic Science will give you the problem-solving tools and scientific knowledge to be successful. Through a combination of science and evidentiary courses you will obtain a thorough, multidisciplinary experience.

  • Four-year Bachelor/MS in Accounting

    This accelerated program allows you to prepare for the CPA exam and complete the education requirement for becoming a certified public accountant in four years. Earning two degrees in four years saves time, tuition, and opens doors to great job opportunities.

  • General Business

    Your options are wide open when you major in General Business. Our AACSB International accredited University gives you a solid foundation in all aspects of business—from accounting to marketing to help you launch your career.

  • Health Sciences

    The Health Sciences curriculum prepares students for health-related careers by enabling them to acquire a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry that is required by many health-related professional paths including medicine, physician assistant, optometry, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, as well as graduate programs in biomedical sciences.

  • Health Studies

    Health Studies provides you with a core science curriculum that will prepare you to obtain more advanced training in health-related fields that focus on the social, psychological, and public health perspectives.

  • History

    Do history, don’t just memorize it. Study the forces that have shaped world societies and the diversity of human experience. Develop the skills of active citizenship: informed, critical reasoning, and respect for debate. The historical perspective will be critical to your future impact as a researcher, writer, policymaker, businessperson, educator, or lawyer.

  • Human Resource Management

    Every organization, whether it is a major corporation or small startup, needs people to help it manage its employees and their benefits and employment issues. The Human Resource Management program will give you knowledge and skills in demand for many managerial positions.

  • Industrial Engineering

    The Industrial Engineering major will teach you to be a professional problem-solver. Through lab work and experiential learning you’ll apply your knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology is critical to enabling the growth and development of our connected world. You will learn about current technologies (e.g., databases and networks) and practices (e.g., system administration and human-computer interaction) that support organizations and businesses. Security aspects of Information Technology will be addressed in courses in network security and system administration.

  • Integrated Marketing Communication minor

    In the Integrated Marketing Communication minor you will strengthen your marketing abilities by studying the foundational principles of marketing, buyer behaviors, promotional strategy, campaign planning, public relations and other topics. This minor will make you valuable to any business or industry that you enter.

  • International Business

    From courses in international finance to multinational marketing, the International Business minor offers an interdisciplinary program designed to help students develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required to enter careers in international business.

  • International Studies

    Through International Studies, you will broaden your worldview and better understand the challenges of communication in the global economy. By understanding different cultures, history, and international relations, you will have unlimited global opportunities in your career.

  • International Studies

    Global awareness is more important than ever, and has a more pressing impact on business. This minor in International Studies will help you better understand the global landscape and history, and how to navigate it in constantly evolving situations.

  • JD/MSW

    Students may simultaneously complete the requirements for a Juris Doctor from Western New England University School of Law and a Master of Social Work from the Springfield College School of Social Work in four academic years.

  • Journalism

    Minoring in Journalism will hone your writing and presentation skills, develop your news judgment, and help you consider the place of journalism in an overwhelmingly digital world. You will work in print, digital, audio, and visual platforms for a well-rounded knowledge of each medium.

  • Latin American Studies

    Minoring in Latin American Studies will give you an in-depth look at the rich culture of Latin America through history, literature, and language. Learning about Latin America will broaden your worldview and give you new perspectives.

  • Law and Society

    Majoring in Law and Society will help you address some of today’s most pressing concerns that affect us every day, from equality and rights, to what it means for justice to be served. This interdisciplinary major will combine different academic subjects to give you a clearer perspective about the law and its implications.

  • Management and Leadership

    We'll help you develop your leadership potential on a solid business foundation through the Management and Leadership major. This program will prepare you to manage and lead through a focus on teamwork, decision-making, and experiential learning through internships.

  • Management

    Managers are vital to every organization. A minor in Management is an ideal complement to virtually every major, helping you to understand the various facets of business and the roles managers play.

  • Marketing

    The Marketing major will give you a competitive advantage as you enter the global business environment. You’ll learn how to create marketing strategies and tactics to develop marketing plans and gain practical experience through internships.

  • Marketing Communication/Advertising

    Interactive marketing and social media are changing the way marketers connect to consumers. In the Marketing Communication/Advertising major, you’ll gain a strong foundation in integrated marketing communication strategy and apply what you learn by creating promotional campaigns for real clients.

  • Mathematical Sciences

    Pursuit of this degree exposes the student to the beauty and rigor of mathematics, teaching them to solve problems, both concrete and abstract, by using critical thinking, mathematical modeling, imagination, and careful logic. The skills developed in the coursework prepare the student for jobs in business, industry, government, and education, as well as for graduate study.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    You’ll study the design and creation of everything that moves as a Mechanical Engineering major. Whether you are interested in aerospace, transportation, or robotics, you’ll be prepared to develop tomorrow’s technology.

  • Media

    The Media minor teaches techniques and skills for working in radio, television, production, and other electronic media, as well as understanding the role of media institutions in American culture and industry. You will gain hands-on training in researching and writing multimedia news stories as well as video editing and on-air speaking.

  • Music

    The Music minor will expand upon and allow you to pursue your love of music. Not only will you learn music history and theory, you will also have the opportunity to perform in on-campus bands or chorus to give you a broader understanding of what goes into music development and performances.

  • Neuroscience

    In the Neuroscience major, you can choose from either a Research track, or Neuroscience track, which allows you to gain a strong foundation in lab work and studying the nervous system along with other scientific disciplines. Your knowledge of our nervous system can be applied to jobs in a wide variety of medical fields, government, and academia.

  • Neuroscience

    The Neuroscience minor allows you to explore and examine the molecular, structural, physiological, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of the brain and nervous system. You’ll gain a strong foundation in lab work and studying the nervous system along with other scientific disciplines.

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business

    The pharmaceutical industry is dynamic and constantly changing. It needs smart, well-prepared individuals with the background knowledge in business, science, and technology to effectively compete in this environment. The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business major can prepare you for these exciting opportunities.

  • Pharmacy (0-6 Program)

    Western New England University's Pharmacy program is an ideal place for future pharmacists to excel. Through our 0-6 Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program model, qualifying high school seniors applying to the Pharmacy program are guaranteed a seat in our four-year PharmD program, provided they meet academic milestones during their first two years of preprofessional studies.

  • Philosophy

    Students with a minor in philosophy might study such topics as how we distinguish between reasonable and unreasonable beliefs, moral right and wrong, and justice and injustice, as well as explore Eastern and Western religions. A philosophy minor also sharpens reasoning, reading, and writing skills.

  • Political Science

    Whether you want to pursue a career in politics or law, the Political Science curriculum will give you a thorough understanding of political processes, diplomacy, and government that will help you launch a career with a far-reaching impact on the political landscape.

  • Pre-Optometry

    The three-year Pre-optometry program provides an opportunity for qualified students to prepare for admission to the Doctor of Optometry degree program at the New England College of Optometry (NECO).

  • Pre-Physician Assistant

    The three-year Pre-physician Assistant program provides an opportunity for qualified students to prepare for admission to the Physician Assistant Studies master’s degree program at Salus University.

  • Psychology

    In Psychology you will gain a scientific perspective on how we think, feel, and behave. Whether you are interested in clinical, counseling, forensics, sports psychology, or other specific areas, you may tailor your program with elective courses grounded in systematic research to enable you to pursue your career goals.

  • Public Administration

    Minoring in Public Administration is ideal if you are interest in working for nonprofits or in a government capacity. From courses in Constitutional Law and Urban Economics, you’ll have a well-rounded perspective to work in public service.

  • Public Relations

    The Public Relations minor will prepare you to communicate messages across the media on behalf of an organization. Not only will you learn to communicate clearly and concisely, but you will become adept at planning, problem solving, and adapting your messaging to any situation.

  • Quantitative Economics

    The Quantitative Economics will provide additional knowledge in economics through the lens of mathematics and statistics, which will distinguish you in business, government, and the nonprofit sector.

  • Secondary Education

    Secondary Education coursework will immerse you in the theories, skills, and professional standards you need to become a successful secondary school teacher. You will complete an integrated major which will ensure you have both depth of content knowledge for classroom teaching, and opportunity to develop other career opportunities in your chosen field upon graduation. Education majors complete several experiences in local high schools to demonstrate implementation of all teaching skills and dispositions needed for licensure.

  • Six-year Engineering/Law

    Whether you’re interested in intellectual property or patents, this joint six-year degree will provide you with both the legal and engineering foundation you need to work with entrepreneurs and inventors within the parameters of the law.

  • Social Justice

    The Social Justice minor offers courses in social work, economics, and psychology, among others, to better understand and advocate for oppressed or marginalized groups. Topics include oppression and empowerment, public policy, and improving one’s cultural competence.

  • Social Work

    The Social Work minor will assist students entering the helping professions. The minor focuses on how the social environment affects one’s behavior, emphasizing family, community, and social policies.

  • Sociology

    The study of sociology promotes an understanding of how society affects and influences our lives. The sociology minor will complement a variety of majors from general business to economics and you will study topics in social problems and research methods.

  • Spanish

    In an increasingly global business world, and a more diverse society within the United States, the ability to understand, speak, and write Spanish will bridge the gap between different cultures. You will become an invaluable asset in any industry for your ability to communicate with others.

  • Sport Management

    Turn your passion for sports into a professional career in the $435 billion-a-year sport industry. In the Sport Management major, you'll learn the ins and outs of this diverse field, have opportunities to meet international sport leaders, participate in exciting internships, and graduate with a business degree from an AACSB International accredited institution.

  • Statistics

    An understanding of statistics is increasingly important in all industries as data can be mined for trends, predictive analysis, and needs of consumers. This minor not only offers the mathematical background needed, but also computer programming courses that will teach you to use industry software to explore and interpret big data.

  • Theatre

    The Theatre minor addresses a wide variety of interests including acting, improvisational comedy, set designing, or theatre tech. Whether you wish to pursue theatre professionally, or just want to enjoy your passion, the Theatre minor allows you to pursue your specific goals.

  • Women's and Gender Studies

    The Women’s and Gender Studies minor equips students with the ability to analyze the many ways in which gender affects our everyday lives. Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) bridges the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to produce a rich and empathetic worldview which allows us to recognize and challenge gender inequality in our interactions, institutions, and social world.